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KRK ROKIT 5 GE Limited Edition: Black-Gold Model

KRK ROKIT 5 GE Limited Edition: Black-Gold Model  ·  Source: Musik Meyer

KRK ROKIT 5 GE Limited Edition: White Noise Model

KRK ROKIT 5 GE Limited Edition: White Noise Model  ·  Source: Musik Meyer


These new chrome-gold KRK ROKIT 5 monitors will certainly turn a few heads in your studio. It’s just hard to tell if it will be for the right reasons. Whilst there’s a demand for white coloured monitors, such as the new G3 ROKIT 5 ‘White Noise’ speakers, who wants this striking ‘Black Gold’ version? You can count me out.


KRK ROKIT 5 – 3rd Generation Monitors

To be fair to KRK, they have taken a huge portion of the monitoring market at the budget end, and with respectable products including the ROKIT 5’s. Such is the case, that they have almost by default, become a recognised standard in studio monitoring. The ROKIT range is now on it’s 3rd generation, with improved performance and reliability, which actually makes them a sensible buy. Whether they’re for you or not, I’m afraid there’s no further news here. These limited editions will apparently share the same spec as the existing ‘black’ G3’s we already know.


Two Limited Editions available: ‘Black Gold’ and ‘White Noise’

I can actually see a time and a place for the all-white model. (See the second image above.) Other manufactures offer colour options for their monitors all the time, so there’s clearly a demand for it too. However, wherever I try to imagine the Black-Gold version, these aren’t places for me! I also find it interesting that they’re only making the smallest 5″ model all ‘glammed up’. If you really want to show-off, then surely you want the biggest model available all wrapped in gold? This in itself proves to me who they’re expecting to buy these limited versions. Whatever next, maybe there will be a ‘pimp my studio’ TV show to accompany them.

How soon can I ‘bling-up’ my studio?

There isn’t any additional information to be found on the KRK website yet, but keep an eye on it. The press release we received states they’ll be available from July 2016. There is a recommended retail price of 269.98 EUR, which I assume is per unit, i.e. one speaker.

KRK ROKIT 5 GE Limited Edition: Black-Gold Model

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