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krk rokit 4 featured

 ·  Source: KRK

KRK unveiled its 4th-gen ROKIT studio monitors at NAMM 2019. The familiar black & yellow speakers have been re-engineered from scratch, KRK says, to suit modern artists and producers. The manufacturer has upgraded the speaker enclosures and added on-board DSP and graphic EQ for immediate room correction and sound processing.

Not stopping here, KRK devised a mobile app for spectral analysis and room correction, a built-in brickwall limiter for overloading protection, new Class-D amplification, and Kevlar tweeters & woofers. Available in all standard sizes (5 to 10-inch woofers), the speakers also come bundled with high-density ISO foam pads.

The enclosures are front-ported, optimized for low frequency propagation and enabling placement close to walls – as typical for many project studios.

Prices for these promising and unabashedly modern speakers start at GBP 160 for the 5-inch woofer version, representing up-to-date monitoring at its most affordable. Good sports, those KRK lads! The speakers are available for order now from KRK resellers.

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