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KORG Volca FM 2nd gen

 ·  Source: KORG

KORG Volca FM 2nd gen

 ·  Source: KORG


Korg has announced the second generation Volca FM. To me, each time KORG revisits the older Volcas comes in as a pleasant surprise. The Volca FM is fondly remembered as one of the better ones, oozing the kind of charm that only a “DX7 in a tiny box” can possibly have. The second-gen Volca FM looks mostly the same, but there are significant improvements under the hood: twice the number of voices, more memory, a new reverb effect, and MIDI output. These warrant a proper second-gen/MK2 designation, not just a mere facelift. Here’s more about the Volca FM MK2…


Korg Volca FM 2nd Generation

The Korg Volca FM gets a partial makeover and it’s not just cosmetic changes. There’s a sizable list of improvements and new features, many of which fans have been clamoring for. One of the most important innovations is the doubled polyphony – it’s six voices now, not three. Additionally, you can now save up to 64 sounds and there is a new randomize function to conjure new sounds instantly.

The 2nd generation Volca FM is also the first in the series to feature a MIDI output. Thanks to it, the internal 16-step sequencer with motion sequencing can trigger external devices. On the MIDI input side, the Volca FM now receives MIDI velocity so it plays with more expression. The original chorus effect is supplemented by a new reverb and both effects can be used simultaneously. The sequencer is also changed with the addition of a new mode called “Warp Active Step”. It can make for some interesting rhythmic shifts.

These changes aside, the synth architecture remains the same. The Volca FM features six operators and 32 algorithms alongside compatibility with any DX7 patches. The control panel layout hasn’t been changed, either.

Price and availability information

The 2nd-gen Volca FM will be available from May 2022, priced EUR 189 with VAT.

More information for the KORG Volca FM 2nd-gen



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KORG Volca FM 2nd gen

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6 responses to “Korg Volca FM: 2nd-gen comes with 6 voices, MIDI Out, and more”

    iixorb says:

    Why only 6 voice polyphonic in 2022?!

    Surely they can get 16 note polyphony, like the original?

    Time for Behringer to step in and do it properly!

    Jim says:

    Have they fixed the velocity or will this be awaiting another firmware hack.

    Not impressed says:

    Korg and Roland keep on releasing endless iteration of FM hardware synth. Get yourself a free software based FM VST plugin, a valhalla dsp and call it day.

    FM sound is so yesterday and boring.

      Champ says:

      I got a feeling someone watched Sonicstate’s podcast last week where someone mentioned the DX7 being boring and now FM is somehow boring. FM is absolutely far from boring.

    Volca FM, modded out... says:

    My Volca FM (and the others, except the Modular) is modded to have a MIDI out. 6 voices is better than 3! The firmware upgrade for the Volca Sample by Pajen added Bar Reset/Step Probability amongst other things. I wonder if those firmware mods have been added by Korg to the new Volca FM firmware?

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