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Momo Muller Volca Keys

Momo Muller Volca Keys  ·  Source: Momo Muller

He’s at it again. Software developer Momo Muller has released the latest in a long and brilliant line of software editors for popular synthesizers. This time he tackles the humble Korg Volca Keys.


Korg Volca Keys MIDI Editor and Controller

The editor can run either as a VST plug-in inside your DAW or completely stand-alone. As a plug-in it allows you to save every tweak and turn of a knob with your project. One of the criticisms levelled at the Volca Keys is the challenge of those small knobs. With the editor you can have much more accurate and precise control. Everything is laid out perfectly in the GUI. There’s automation over every parameter and the XY pad can be assigned to control whatever you want.

We all love our hardware and the instantaneous interaction it gives us, but editors like this can unlock the power of your DAW to add control and accuracy to your music making – if that’s what you’re after.

Momo’s Volca Keys controller not only looks the part and does the job it costs only  €5.90. Every Volca Keys owner should have it.

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