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Korg MicroKorg MIDI Editor

Korg MicroKorg MIDI Editor  ·  Source:

Software developer Momo Müller has released a software editor for the Korg MicroKorg. It’s available in stand-alone or plug-in versions and is the first time the internals of the MicroKorg have been outed.

Korg MicroKorg MIDI Editor

It’s designed to give you access to all the important controls and parameters that hide within the MicroKorg hardware. Every parameter is editable and automatable. Any editing can be stored in the hardware, whereas any automation would need to be saved with your project. There is a pair of XY controls that can be assigned to anything you like for a cool bit of performance control.

Do I need to say that this is not a virtual instrument, it’s an editor for the Korg MicroKorg synthesizer and so you’ll need a physical one of those to use this editor? No, I didn’t think so.

Müller has a range of editors focusing on recent Roland Boutique synths and Korg Volca releases – all very useful indeed.

It looks great, it works and gives you an opportunity to reach the sometimes inaccessible depths of the MicroKorg synthesizer engine. Such power must come at a high price – nearly 6 whole Euros. It’s available now for MacOS or Windows, AU, VST and standalone from Momo Müller’s website.

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