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Korg Electribe 2 and 2s

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A few days ago we reported on a petition raised by Electribe 2/2s users about the lack of updates. For more information about that click here. Along with a long list of fixes and feature requests. Korg, with a completely straight face, release not only a new OS but a new version of the hardware. They now come in the original Electribe red and blue colours. Coincidence?


Forum reaction

The new OS 2.02 brings the long awaited and desperately requested pattern chain and undo function as well as support for the original value display. And that’s about it. The reaction over at the Korg forum where the petition originated was mixed to say the least. The updates and indication of development and continuing support was certainly welcomed but the new features made only a small impact on the petition’s list of demands. The petition, which has now cracked the first milestone of 500 signatures, will continue.


Electribe bonus

What we should be talking about is the exciting new Electribe colours and features and that as a bonus all users can download an extra 203 patterns created by leading beat makers from around the world. They cover all the possibilities within the Electribe and give you a load of stuff to play with. But being released along side a petition is quite an intriguing situation to be in.

People power?

Korg haven’t directed any comment towards to forum or the petition as far as I’m aware. There’s lots in the marketing which appears to reinforce the idea that the Electribe is still important to them. You can’t create new versions of a hardware product overnight, they take design and time in production. Similarly the software developments and bonus patterns all take time to source. So it would be extremely unlikely that Korg have put all this together in response to a petition started just 6 days ago. However, I’d like to think that it prompted them to do this release sooner rather than later. And I hope that this display of community power had some real effect and encourages manufacturers to engage more with their user-base.

More information on the updated Electribe 2 and 2s can be found on the Korg website.

Korg Electribe 2 and 2s

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One response to “Korg release new OS and colours for Electribe 2 and 2s”

    Julius LC says:

    My export to audio options diasappeared from the menu.
    Is that update a joke?
    A bad joke???

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