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Not many people have the space for a real piano where they live. Apart from being large and insanely heavy they require regular tuning and can have questionable key action if they are older and haven’t been serviced. It’s no surprise then that digital pianos are more popular than ever before. They’re far smaller, lighter and usually have integrated speakers in addition to 88 weighted keys, which is what anyone who is aiming to improve their playing skills really needs.

Korg has made a lot of digital pianos over the years and its latest is the B1, a more entry-level and affordable way to get a full size keyboard without breaking the bank. It’s stripped down and you probably won’t see any on stage at Wembley any time soon but it has everything you need to get the feel of a piano without the associated size and weight.

There are 8 onboard sounds: piano, EP, harpsichord and organ amongst them, and reverb and chorus effects as well as a stereo speaker with Motional Feedback technology which Korg says helps reinforce and focus low end reproduction from smaller speakers and cope with room acoustics. There are 88 Natural Weighted Hammer keys of course plus a damper pedal and optional triple pedal for more expressive footwork.

It’s been designed for lessons – amongst other things – and you get something called Partner Mode which splits the keyboard into two, both pitched in the same range. So a teacher and pupil or two pupils can share the same instrument. That’s right: the nightmare of seat-swapping could finally be at an end. It’s available in black or white from January 2016 and is expected to retail for £429 ex VAT with the optional stand at £79.

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2 responses to “Korg debuts affordable digital piano for beginners and intermediate players”

  1. Jake says:

    $429, Jesus fucking Christ, can’t they come down on that price a little

  2. Jasper Piano says:

    Already using this korg b1. Not a good piano for advance pianist but if you’re a beginner, you should buy one.

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