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KMA Audio Machines Logan

KMA Audio Machines Logan  ·  Source: KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines’ Logan is a boutique overdrive pedal built in Berlin that’s getting a lot of attention. Numerous video demos are already available. Is this one to watch for 2019?

KMA Logan Transcend Drive

The KMA Logan is divided into two parts: Overdrive and Mid Boost. With controls for Level, Drive, MCB (Mid Cut Boost), Low and High (active 2-band EQ, each + 15dB) for the overdrive, you have plenty of options. The mid booster can be switched on separately, and ‘positioned’ before or after the gain step, and thus used to crunch the middle or raise the volume.


The manufacturer has also designed this pedal with more adventurous musicians in mind. On the side of the KMA Logan is an Expression Input, with which you can move the center band with your foot, a bit like a Wah pedal.

KMA Audio Machines Logan

The KMA Audio Machines Logan has a secret hidden inside

Secrets Inside

Inside there are two additional controls: Clean Blend and Q. With the first one, you can make the pedal more compatible with bass by setting how much clean sound (between 0 and 100) will make it through to the amp. Q changes the bandwidth of the mid-frequency. Together with the Expression Input, this can get you close to true wahwah functionality.

Due to the many possibilities, this pedal should not only be interesting for guitar, but also for bass (see video below of MrExcane) and possibly synthesisers as well. Just listen in the videos to see what I mean.

The Logan is a genuinely interesting drive pedal with lots of possibilities, not all of them for just the guitar. The fact that you can set up gain stages makes it quite appealing.

RRP –  GBP 175 / EUR 189

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