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KMA Audio Machines’ Cirrus

KMA Audio Machines’ Cirrus delay and reverb pedal  ·  Source: KMA Audio Machines


After its recent announcement of the Logan drive pedal, KMA Audio Machines has been shouting from the rooftops about its new Cirrus delay and reverb pedal. Billed as a a Spatial-Temporal Modifier, this pedal will take you beyond the realms of reason and back!


KMA Audio Machines Cirrus

So what does a Spatial-Temporal Modifier do exactly? Apparently, the new Cirrus pedal is a two-sided digital delay and reverb pedal, with hints of dynamic sensitivity. This allows your picking dynamics to affect the effect as you play.

KMA Audio Machines Cirrus

KMA Audio Machines Cirrus – A pedal with many modes

Spatial-Temporal Modifier

You can set the sensitivity of the Cirrus using dedicated controls, so that you can adjust it to your playing style. There are a lot of control knobs on this pedal, so it might take you a while to get used to it.

Delay Modes

The delay side allows you to dial in tape echo-style modulation using the Mod mode for example. Or you could choose the Sample & Hold mode to create synth-like textures. Then you have a sequencer-like filter before the delay. The third mode will blend in a high octave as your notes decay for added shimmer.

Reverb Modes

On the reverb side of the effect, you once again have plenty of options for tweaking the effect. The Mod mode adds smooth modulation for added movement to the reverb and then you have the LP and HP modes. These enable an opening low-pass or closing high-pass filter.

You can also reverse the order of the effects, using the toggle switch labelled Order and you can also use another toggle switch to set the delay tap subdivision. That tap tempo also has its own dedicated Tap footswitch, plus you have the Engage footswitch to bypass the Cirrus, when it is not needed.


Hidden Switch Secrets

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no. The Cirrus also has various switch modes for both footswitches. The Engage switch has multiple modes, which include a quick tap. That will give you a burst of the effect, like a momentary latching switch. Then there is the ability to hold it down to max out the decay.

Hold down the Tap switch to max out the repeats for infinite echoes. You also get an expression pedal input, with a selector switch that lets you choose which parameter it will control. So combined with the footswitches’ hidden modes, you have plenty of control over this effect in realtime.

So, much like the Logan earlier this month, the new Cirrus has plenty of options and some of them are slightly hidden from obvious tweaking. Remember to read the manual or you might miss out on some!

RRP – GBP 185, EUR 199, USD 229 due out in October

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KMA Audio Machines’ Cirrus

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