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Wampler Ethereal - Reverb and Delay pedal

Wampler Ethereal - Reverb and Delay pedal  ·  Source: Wampler/YouTube

The Ethereal pedal is Wampler’s idea of an ambience effect pedal that’s simple to use effect. Their new unit combines both delay and reverb, and is aimed at players looking for an ambience effect that is accessible and easy to navigate straight out of the box.

Simple Pleasures

Ambience pedals can be a lot of fun, but – and it is a big but – they can also be a headache to learn how to use effectively. They often so many options and menu systems that they are a hassle to use live. Some are just too complex for their own good.

The whole design ethos behind the Ethereal seems to be to make a pedal that’s fun to use and quick to set up. Combining two delay units that can feed into each other and a fairly thick plate-like reverb, this pedal should provide plenty of space and ambience to your guitar’s sound.

The first delay can last for up to 1 second, with echoes in quarter and eighth notes. The second delay produces its own echoes in triplets or dotted eighth notes. Together with the feedback control, this should provide some intense sounds. The delay and reverb also have independently adjustable volumes.

Wampler Ethereal -Delay modes

Wampler Ethereal Delay modes

Missed opportunities

Unfortunately, there is no tap-tempo function, which seems odd as everything else is logical on the Ethereal. Instead, there’s a tempo pot. It seems like a glaring omission, especially as it is billed as being a simple to use ambience effects pedal. You do, however, get a switch on the side of the pedal to turn the reverb trails on or off, so there has been some thought put into providing useful options. But it looks like we’ll all be waiting for a version 2 of this one, I feel, namely one that has a tap-tempo facility.

RRP – USD 199.79 

Wampler Ethereal product page



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