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Wampler Fuzztration - Fuzz, Octave and more

Wampler Fuzztration - Fuzz, Octave and more?  ·  Source: YouTube/Wampler

Wampler’s new Fuzztration pedal combines two fuzz circuits, a three-band eq section and octave effects. The aim here is to help you get the perfect fuzz tone and save you from getting frustrated (Or should that be fuzz-strated? Ed.).

Wampler Fuzztration

The Fuzztration pedal was designed to help you avoid frustration dialling in your ideal fuzz tone. While fuzz can be a thrilling effect to use, it can also be hard to dial in. But the name is also a reference to the torturous design process the company went through to get it ready for release, according to a recent blog post by its designer, Jason Wilding.

Two Clipping circuits

The Fuzztration combines two different fuzz circuits, one open and the other more compressed. This promises decent scope to go from classic retro fuzz tones all the way to modern stoner rock/doom fuzz tones.

The handy three-band EQ section allows you to sculpt your fuzz tone. The independent octave effect can be run pre or post fuzz, helping you get your fuzz sounding it the way you want.

Wampler Fuzztration

Wampler Fuzztration

Two Sides

This deluxe-sized pedal has two footswitches, one for bypassing the effect completely and the other for adding in your octave effect. It uses soft relay true-bypass switches, so kicking the effect circuits in should be smooth. The Fuzztration will run from either a 9V battery or an external power supply (rated 9-18V DC).

For an American-built pedal with plenty of fuzzy options, this new Wampler pedal is well priced. I think that the demo video below gives a great overview of what the Fuzztration can do. Give it a watch.

I’m a fuzz addict anyway, so this ticks all my boxes. If you also suffer from fuzz love, you will probably get into this, too.

RRP – USD 199

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