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Native Instruments Kinetic Treats

Native Instruments Kinetic Treats  ·  Source: screen shot

Native Instruments are a warm and huggy sort of company who like to give things away at Christmas. This year it’s Kinetic Treats which is a Kontakt Instrument based upon the sounds of vintage toys. Perfect for keeping things cheery or twist it into the darkest horror movie soundtrack you can possibly imagine. But the magic doesn’t end there – you can also pick up a £22 store voucher, just for stopping by.

Kinetic Treats

Created by Jeremiah Savage (great name!) Kinetic Treats is a feast of childlike weirdness and wonder. There’s a ballerina and a tin robot moving around their little boxes, mixing and morphing sounds together. Sound sources come from a toy train, a fisher price record player and an xylophone. The rest, they say, is up for you to discover. The interface is a bundle of joy, with your lady and robot dancing around, space invaders and rockets jumping about, birds and stars and all sorts. It’s a thing of beauty.

Free money

Native instruments would also like to give you £22 to spend in the store. Which is half way to a Maschine expansion (sadly my attempts to buy a free t-shirt were disallowed). Thanks very much, don’t mind if I do. Use the code JWBUBITXY at checkout.

Kinetic Treats is free to download until the 4th January. Full details on the Native Instruments website.



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