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Native Instruments Christmas 2018

Native Instruments Christmas 2018  ·  Source: Native Instruments

Native Instruments loves a bit of Christmas and you can always count on them to fire out something free and something cool around the holidays. This year it’s a free version of TRK-01, a voucher for content and holiday prize draw.

TRK-01 Play

TRK-01 is a really funky bassline and kick drum groove box that Native released back in May. It’s ridiculously easy to come up with fabulous sound beats and melody lines. TRK-01 Play splits the bass and kick engines into two individual plug-ins. TRK-01 KICK is a bendable dual-layer kick drum engine with synth and sample-based sounds and lots of modulation. TRK-01 BASS has 5 synth engines with a filter, LFO and envelopes for crafting your own bass sound.

Native Instruments TRK-01 Play

Native Instruments TRK-01 Play

All it’s missing is the sequencing engine from the original, so these are sound sources rather than an integrated groove machine. But not to worry, these sounds are awesome and you’ve already got something to sequence them in.


Native Instruments is throwing money around in the form of a £22 voucher which you can spend in their shop on anything you like. I don’t think there’s anything there to buy outright but it’s halfway to the Supercharger plug-in.

Prize draw

Oh, I thought the “Holiday Giveaway” meant they were giving away a holiday! Nope, instead, it’s a copy of Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition, a Komplete Kontrol S49, a Maschine Mikro and the Traktor Kontrol S4. Just give them your email address to enter.

Get all the information here.

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