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KHDK Ghoul Jr Mini Overdrive pedal

KHDK Ghoul Jr Mini Overdrive pedal  ·  Source: KHDK


The Ghoul Jr Mini Overdrive is the latest offering by KHDK, a pedal builder linked to Kirk Hammett of Metallica fame. This mini purple drive looks like some kind of monster and hopefully sounds a lot bigger than it looks.


Purple Overdrive

Despite being a dinky little pedal, it manages to squeeze on three controls labelled Drive, Volume and Tone, as well as two mini toggle switches labelled Voice and Style.

Voice changes the “bass and body area” in three stages (bass boost, off and Mid-shift for drop tuning). Style changes the gain structure and compression/dynamics (standard, dynamic, “balls to the wall” with even more gain and assertiveness).

This is a mini version of the KHDK Ghoul Screamer overdrive. The Ghoul Jr circuit is like the bigger original version of the pedal. Almost. It’s “half the size and twice the gain” of its bigger sibling, to quote its makers. Because it’s housed in a mini-format, it leaves more space on your effects board. Handy.



KHDK Ghoul Jr Kirk Hammett

KHDK Ghoul Jr – Spooky? · Source: KHDK/Thomann


This pedal, of course, is true-bypass and so will not mess with your tone when not engaged in the signal chain. As it is so small, you will also need to power it from an external 9V power supply, as there is no room for an ahem, battery inside either… (sorry, poor Metallica pun).

This new pedal isn’t quite as exciting as Kirk’s new Ouija Board ESP signature model guitar, but it should hopefully help you get your shred on.

RRP – EUR 159

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KHDK Ghoul Jr Mini Overdrive pedal

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