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KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive pedal

KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive pedal  ·  Source: KHDK / Youtube


The new KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive pedal is, as its name suggests, a drive pedal made specifically for those four-string players who require some dirt for their tone. Kirk Hammett’s pedal company has been knocking out some quality pedals since its inception last year, so it is great to see something new for bass heads this time.



The new Abyss Bass Overdrive is the first KHDK pedal specifically aimed at bass players. The Abyss offers dirty and clean channel volumes, which enables you to essentially keep the dynamics of your bass tone and blend them in with a distorted version of that tone.

KHDK describe this as being similar to using two amps in its promotional material. It is, to be fair, a tried and tested way of producing an overdriven bass tone. If you just distort the whole bass signal, it will often just turn to mush! This way, your instrument’s basic tonal characteristics and dynamics are kept intact, whilst the overdrive sound can be adjusted with “Fullness” and “Punch” until it sits where you want it.


KHDK’s Abyss has controls for Gain, Dirty, Clean and Treble, plus a small lever for Hi and Lo (Gain) settings. It should be easy enough to dial in a decent tone, even for your averagely gifted bass player… Be sure to check out Alessandro Venturella of Slipknot giving it the once over in the company’s official demo video (below).


KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive pedal product page



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KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive pedal

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