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Boss Katana Amp 909 day

Boss Katana Amp range launches today  ·  Source: Boss/Roland live stream

Boss has decided to give owners of Mk 1 versions of its Katana amps a wee Christmas present this year by releasing a free update to Version 4 that adds new effects.


Katana Version 4

The official statement below appeared on the company’s Facebook page, announcing the launch of the update on 24 December.

Boss Katana Version 4

Boss Katana Version 4

Effects and more

So what’s new? V4 adds new effects, plus stereo features with newer models. The new effects are called Heavy Octave, Stereo Delay and Pan Delay. Boss has also added a Pedal FX section that gives you a foot-controlled wah and pedal bend.

Another new feature is the ability to use the Series 1 amps as a slave with Series 2 models for stereo use. This Stereo Expand function gives you an easy way to set up a stereo rig – as long as one of the models is already version 2.

The Version 4 update is only for the original Series 1 Katana amps and will not work on the newer Series 2 models. Follow my link below to get your free Version 4 update for your Katana amp.

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