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Fender Joe Bonamassa Dual Professional on Instagram

Fender Joe Bonamassa Dual Professional on Instagram  ·  Source: Instagram/Joe Bonamassa

Is Fender going to release a Dual Professional amp in a special signature reissue for blues legend Joe Bonamassa? Joe himself has put clips and photos up on his Instagram page of what looks like a recreation of a classic Fender amp.

Fender Joe Bonamassa Dual Professional

Joe’s Instagram feed has an image and not one but two demo videos of him playing through the new amp. So we get to hear it as well!

In one post he states that it is ‘Operation JB Dual Professional speaker and transformer try out day.’ In another video he compares a 70-year-old version with a “7-hour old version”.

So it looks like we will be getting a new Joe Bonamassa signature amp from Fender Custom Shop and I would think you’ll probably see it or a version of it during Winter NAMM 2019.

We will keep you all up to date with any more news and details about this possible new model as soon as we get details. But for now, it looks like Joe has been testing out transformers and speakers, judging by his Instagram posts.


Fender Joe Bonamassa "B Dual Professional" on Instagram

Fender Joe Bonamassa “B Dual Professional” on Instagram



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