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That Pedal Show & Jam Pedals Harmonious Monk harmonic tremolo pedal

That Pedal Show & Jam Pedals Harmonious Monk harmonic tremolo pedal  ·  Source: That Pedal Show


Jam Pedals and YouTube channel That Pedal Show have teamed up for a new pedal with the catchy name of Harmonious Monk, a harmonic tremolo with a few twists. This stompbox looks like it has all the modulation and character you could want from a quality analogue tremolo effect.


Harmonious Monk

This sounds like the perfect collaboration! When two pedal heads and a renowned boutique pedal maker team up for a new product, we can be sure that the result will be special. Jam Pedals have teamed up with That Pedal Show to come up with the Harmonious Monk, a harmonic tremolo effect. The Monk has two toggle switches, two footswitches and four knobs that control Depth, Speed, Level and Dry/Wet mix. Plenty of tweaking fun to be had here.

Harmonious Monk

Harmonious Monk

Harmonic Tremolo

The footswitch on the right engages the effect, whilst the one on the left doubles the tremolo speed, indicated with an LED. The toggle switch at the top chooses between two different waveform shapes for the harmonic tremolo effect, ‘+’ and ‘-’. The first is the more aggressive waveform, whilst the second its smoother. Finally, the lower toggle switch chooses between the Amplitude Tremolo and the Harmonic Tremolo voicing. The pedal is true bypass and will run from an external 9-Volt power supply.

Harmonious Monk

Harmonious Monk. An all analogue harmonic tremolo.

Harmonic vs Amplitude

Traditional tremolo effect control an amplitude affecting the volume of the guitar to make it pulse. The harmonic tremolo, on the other hand, introduces changes to the harmonic content as well as the volume of the signal. This makes for far more interesting sounds that should appeal to many players looking for a good tremolo pedal that does a bit more than just control the volume.

Make sure you check out the video below to hear this new Harmonious Monk in action. I love tremolo effects, so this is on my radar to check out in 2021. I believe the initial small batch has already sold out, but we expect that another batch will be released end of around December or January 2021.

RRP – GBP 229 / EUR 249

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That Pedal Show & Jam Pedals Harmonious Monk harmonic tremolo pedal

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