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Translucent Cocoa Racing Green Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass

Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass in Racing Green and Translucent Cocoa  ·  Source: Italia Guitars

Italia Guitars’ new Maranello Cavo Bass is a short-scale, semi-hollow body affair that comes in two finishes that are very pleasant to look at. The Toaster pickups look tasty, too, but will this attractive bass play as good as it looks?


Maranello Cavo Bass

Italia Guitars have made similar models in the past, however nothing quite as cool looking as these new versions, which come in either a fetching Racing Green or a Translucent Cocoa.

A comfortable-looking bass due to its shorter scale-length, this one might have a wide appeal, whether beginners, part-time bassists/guitarists or full on bassheads. The lightweight chambered mahogany body and 30″ mahogany neck should make this a pretty easy bass to pick up and get on with.

Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass in Racing Green

Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass in Racing Green


I would imagine that those two Italia Toaster pickups will be pretty punchy fitted to this shorter length instrument, especially when combined with the solid-looking Tune-O-Matic bridge and tailpiece. I find the whole aesthetic very pleasing to the eye, especially with that sweeping f-hole. I can imagine myself picking one up and playing some dirty fuzzed out riffs on that dark 20-fret rosewood fretboard. The bass tuning is catered for with a set of Italia machineheads, I haven’t heard of any issues with these, so hopefully they will keep that tuning solid.

Translucent Cocoa Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass

Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass in Translucent Cocoa


Control-wise, its a simple affair with Volume and Tone knobs as well as a Blend setting, letting you dial in each pick-up to taste. It is centre-notched so you’ll know when you have both of those toaster pick-ups engaged fully.

For a passive bass guitar, you ideally want lots of character in the pick-ups, so hopefully these Italia Toaster models will do what the company says and give you plenty of punch. On paper, this new model looks pretty sweet, but of course the proof is always in the playing and so I look forward to hearing some customer reviews soon.

RRP – USD 1359 including deluxe gig bag

Italia Guitars Maranello Cavo Bass product page

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