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Introducing the new Focal Trio6 Studio Monitor

Introducing the new Focal Trio6 Studio Monitor  ·  Source: Focal


The Focal Trio6 is the latest version of Focal’s flexible 3-way studio monitor equipped with a special Focus mode that will help you get better translation on smaller speaker systems.


Focal has become an industry-standard monitor manufacturer over the years, preferred by professionals and recording enthusiasts alike.

Focal Trio6

The Trio6 uses a front-ported 3-way bass reflex design consisting of an 8-inch woofer, a 5-inch mid-woofer, and Focal’s signature 1.5-inch Beryllium tweeter with waveguide.

The lightweight 8-inch ‘W’ composite cone produces an optimized frequency response curve with ultra-low distortion and excellent phase reproduction.

As with the rest of the ST series, the Trio6 uses a variable 160Hz parametric crossover for reducing reflections from directly adjacent surfaces like a desktop or console.

Focal Trio6

Focal Trio6 · Source: Focal

Focus mode has two different settings with technology adapted from the SM9 monitor, as well as the new ST6 full-range Focus mode. These functions can be triggered via footswitch, giving you quick access to one-way or two-way monitoring.

The purpose is to give you additional reference platforms for your mixes, ensuring that they will translate on all modern formats such as laptop speakers, earbuds, and mobile devices.


Overall, the Trio6 aims to be the only speaker you ever need to buy. Moreover, with Focal’s reputation for creating unbelievably transparent-sounding studio monitors, expectations are high.

Pricing and availability:

The Focal Trio6 is currently available for order from Thomann.

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Introducing the new Focal Trio6 Studio Monitor

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