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Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor

Introducing the Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor  ·  Source: Antares


The Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor is a new plug-in from Antares designed to be your go-to tool when it comes to vocal dynamics processing. As Antares already has a reputation for creating vocal processing software, this should be worth checking out.


The idea behind the plug-in was to provide a precise instrument for pros that is also straightforward enough for beginners. With a dual-stage processing system, you have a selection of 4 compressor types and machine learning assistance.

Using the Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor

Dual-stage means you have two compressors in series, but you can also operate in single-stage mode if you’d like to keep things simple. With each compressor, you can choose from 4 different styles:

  • FET: an 1176 syle compressor
  • Opto A: an LA-2A leveling compressor
  • Opto B: a CL 1B compressor with warm mode
  • Modern: a transparent compressor with advanced sidechain features

To quickly get you the sound you’re after, the machine learning Assist feature can analyze the input signal and set a starting point for your compression settings based on the type of voice, compression amount, and feel you’re after.

Even if you don’t end up using the Assist tool every time you process vocals, this is a fast way to learn about the different compression options and find something you prefer for your workflow or musical style.

Each compressor has its own characteristics like Opto B, for instance, is equipped with a Warm feature that introduces tube saturation and harmonics. Meanwhile, the Modern compressor has both internal and external sidechain modes as well as an Auto-Tune Pitch Filter.


Overall, it looks like a very user-friendly plug-in that you can quickly incorporate into your workflow.

Pricing and availability:

Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor will be available soon from your favourite retailer for $179 MSRP.

It’s also available to Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers at $24.99/month or $174.99/year (equivalent to $14.58/month if paid annually).

More about Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor:


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Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor

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2 responses to “Introducing the new AI-assisted Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor plugin”

    SA says:

    I’m interested in this idea, if it works; I’ve found the iZotope AI assistance to be helpful in speeding up my work. But I also wonder why stop at vocals? And is it transparent enough for narration?

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