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HD-Cart reverb

The HD•CART reverb plug-in simulates distinct algorithms from an old and prized high-end reverb unit  ·  Source: Reverb Foundry


Brand new company, lush old reverb. That’s the situation with Reverb Foundry, a new entity whose debut outing is called HD•CART. Its makers say it simulates a “sought after, expensive” reverb unit that made the rounds in the mid-to-late 80s. We aren’t totally sure which “legendary” Lexicon, Bricasti, or whatever unit is in question, but being an iconic product heard on hundreds of records from that era, it makes sense that there are many competing plug-ins simulating it.


That’s why Reverb Foundry offers a distinct spin on the concept – they focused on emulating a particular expansion cartridge containing a program designed to take full advantage of the unit’s state-of-the-art (at the time) dual-board processing. The algorithm offers Surround and High Density reverb modes. The Surround mode multiplies stereo input into four-channel “quadraphonic” output while the HD mode takes the quadraphony and down-mixes it to two-channel stereo for a denser audio effect. This reverb probably still sounds cool in this day and age, because it was designed with high expertise and ambition at the time. But if you turn it up and your recordings sound like 80s reverb-drenched hair metal, it probably isn’t the right fit. You’ll have to give it a go and decide for yourself.

While it simulates an old unit, HD•CART doesn’t look or feel vintage. The plug-in has a modern design where everything is laid out clearly and accessible in a single window. Nice way of re-purposing a classic for modern production times!


Price and availability

HD•CART will be released in the coming weeks, priced USD 199 and available in AU, VST 2.4, VST3 and AAX formats for Mac and Windows computers. The price is in line with the industry standard when it comes to selling simulations of prized real-life reverb units, and this one has a peculiar edge to it that any producer with an understanding for high-quality studio gear and what it’s capable of doing to recorded sound will appreciate.

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