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Reverb Foundry Tai Chi

Reverb Foundry Tai Chi  ·  Source: Reverb Foundry


Tai Chi by Reverb Foundry is primarily a reverb, but it also comes enriched with a chorus section and other neat effects. Throw that onto tracks with synthesizers, guitars, pianos, and vocals and expect to hear extra space and shine. Additionally, the plug-in is available in two versions: Regular and Lite. Here’s more about what we think makes Tai Chi a fresh and exciting reverb plug-in.


Reverb Foundry Tai Chi

Both realistic reverbs and designer sounds are possible with Tai Chi, owing to its versatile combination of chorus, multi-band reverb, compressor, bit-crusher, and equalizer. The provided arsenal goes from subtle to dramatic quite easily, and that’s just the way it should be!

The plug-in itself lets you edit the sound of the reverb tail in both traditional and multi-band approaches. The latter is accomplished via three adjustable crossover frequencies and up to four bands with associated decay time multipliers. In turn, these can be processed with high and low pass filters.

That’s just the gist of it, though. The plug-in itself is divided in several sections. The Master section you is where you adjust the reverb parameters, such as time, pre-delay, and width. You can also shape the reverb reflections with pattern, spacing, and roll-off (low-pass filter with adjustable slope) controls.

The Advanced section handles the chorus which is switchable between three modes – enrich, drift, and detune. It also features parameters for density, diffusion, size, and the modulation rate.


The Dynamics section contains an actual compressor with ducking functionality and the ability to process both the wet signal and the sound of the reverb itself (without the effected audio). The available parameters are Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release, and Trim. Additionally, a small meter visualizes the gain reduction.

The Fidelity section lets you change the bandwidth of the incoming signal and apply a bit-crusher to the reverb sound or the reflections – separate from each other. Finally, Tai Chi has a dual-band Master EQ with two bands and HP/LP filters. At the end, three Output Mix controls let you dial in the effect exactly as intended.

Tai Chi Lite

Following the somewhat unconventional wisdom of “less is more”, Reverb Foundry also created a Lite version which omits the multi-band editing and two sections – fidelity and dynamics. Otherwise, it’s the same plug-in – still a powerhouse, but half the price!

Reverb Foundry Tai Chi Lite

Reverb Foundry Tai Chi Lite

Price and availability

Until December 20 2021, Tai Chi is on sale for USD 99 instead of USD 199 and Tai Chi Lite costs USD 49 (down from USD 99). The plug-ins are available in 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for macOS (10.9 or newer) and Windows (7 or newer). An iLok account (free) or USB dongle (paid) is required for licensing. You can also download a demo version from the Reverb Foundry website.

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Reverb Foundry Tai Chi

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