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Relab QRS

 ·  Source: Relab Facebook

The Quantec QRS reverb was the 80s’ premier room simulator. It was lauded for its highly realistic ambiances, long reverb times, and simplicity of use with just eight parameters to adjust. It also had a novel Freeze Room function to let you superimpose different room characteristics and form reverb clusters. There was also a spatial enhancer. Definitely a unit ahead of its time, serving the most prestigious studio facilities.

Relab Quantec QRS

It’s no wonder that Denmark-based developer Relab is on the case of emulating this milestone unit. Relab is known for its excellent recreation of the Lexicon 480L, and its readily available Sonsig plug-in borrows many of its features from the Quantec reverb.

This time around, Relab is gunning for a straight-up emulation of the vintage unit. It demonstrated the plug-in at NAMM 2020 and shared photos on its Facebook page. By the looks of it, this is an authentic-looking and sounding plug-in remake of the original, so naturally, expectations are high.

Then again, Relab has proven that it’s up for the challenge. There is no price or availability information for now, but it shouldn’t be long before we learn the stuff.

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