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God City Music DIY PCB Black Lives Matter

God City Music DIY PCB  ·  Source: God City Music

Over the last two weeks, global protests against racism and demanding an end to police violence against black communities have pulled people onto the streets in their hundreds of thousands. Now manufacturers of music gear have joined the fray. Builders of guitar pedals and other gear – including well-known brands like Old Blood Noise Endeavors and Chase Bliss Audio – have been finding creative ways to raise money for anti-racism charities. Many of these campaigns are still running, so if you fancy making a donation and at the same time winning a nice new bit of gear, check these out. Of course, you could just make a donation without taking part, too…

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Peter Bregman

Pedal builder Beter Bregman is giving away the very first hand-built prototype of his Manifold Drive pedal. This circuit inspired  the Resonant Electronic Designs pedals and provided the A side of Chase Bliss’s Brothers pedal. Your entry for the giveaway starts at $25.

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#Repost to keep this top of mind. You’ve only got until Monday to get your donations in. ・・・ This is the very first Manifold Drive I ever built. It has a lot of meaning for me because it helped launch Resonant Electronic Designs (w/ @resonantelectro), and it’s the heart and soul of the Resonant sound, including the “A” side of the @chaseblissaudio Brothers pedal. It’s also the only one in existence built part-by-part on perf board. Lots of hours went into this one.⠀ ⠀ Lately, I’ve been wondering about what kinds of things I can do to help the world out. Well, I’ve been inspired by cool folks like @chaseblissaudio, @oldbloodnoise, @cooper.fx, @hawthornedrumshop, and others, so I’ve decided to raffle this sucker off.⠀ ⠀ Here’s the deal:⠀ -One donation of $25 or more to the below charities is one raffle entry (a $50 donation is two entries, etc).⠀ -DM me a screenshot of your receipt with donation amount with TODAYS DATE (6/5) OR LATER. Already donated money? You’re awesome. Donate some more.⠀ -I’ll pick a winner on Monday, (6/8).⠀ ⠀ Charities:⠀ @campaignzero @mnfreedomfund @naacp_ldf @actblueorg @visitlakestreet @aclu_nationwide

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Chase Bliss Audio

The remowned maker of pedals like the Blooper and Thermae has launched a giveaway of an Automatone Preamp MkII. To enter, email proof of your donation to one of the six charities it’s supporting, or send them an email detailing how you intend to fight police brutality. The company is also donating $1000 dollars to each charity.

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We are expanding the charities we are supporting here. We have 6 full time staff at chase bliss and each of us has chosen an organization that you can donate to in order to be entered into the raffles. The options are @campaignzero, @blackvisionscollective, @mnhealingjustice, @unicorn.riot, Northside Funders, or No purchase necessary for entry. To enter you can do EITHER (both is fine too, but only one is necessary to enter) 1) Email proof of a donation to any of these 6 organizations, any amount. 2) Email with a written paragraph on how you plan to fight police brutality in your community or the world. Either method (or donation amount) gives you *one* entry – even if you do both. No multiple entries allowed. Chase Bliss will also donate $1000 to each of these 6 charities. Winner will be announced on June 11.

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4ms is pledging a portion of its sales this week to AFRORACK and Don’t Shoot PDX, a community education and advocacy based in Portland.

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Enough is enough. Effect change. @afrorack @dontshootpdx

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Tom Majeski, alias cooperfx, is holding a raffle of his personal Generation Loss pedal. Each raffle entry costs $10.

Red Witch Pedals

This builder of boutique pedals based in New Zealand has pledged all the profits from his sales for seven days to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples Legal Defence Fund.


Self confessed creator of “goofy drum beats” Joel Nelson is selling a Volca drum sample pack priced at $10, with all the proceeds going to Emancipate NC. Buy the pack here.

Abominable Pedals

Abominable Pedals is making a special PCB of its Hate Stomper boost, with proceeds going to the Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County Freedom Fund. Each unit is priced at $6.66!

God City Music

Kurt Ballou a.k.s. God City Music is producing a special DIY PCB emblazoned with Black Lives Matter, pledging the proceeds to Massachussets Bail Fund and Boston DSA.

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I spent some time over the past few days thinking of ways I could use my resources to be more helpful in the fight for true equality of BIPOC people. One thing I came up with was this TB MKiii inspired DIY PCB. They’ll be available in the GCI shop just as soon as I verify the design works and sounds good. All profits will be split between and Also, my pal and cohort @abominablepedals has a similar thing going with a special BLM Hate Stomper DIY PCB. Check out his store, please. PS. Please vote. Vote in every election no matter how small. We need to elect progressive candidates at every level of government from school committee right up to president if we’re going to turn the tide. #BLM #blacklivesmatter #fuzzpedal #diypcbetching

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours

These purveyors of excellent pedals donated 100% of its sales revenues from 5 June to Black Lives Matter OKC – totalling over $50,000!

Electronic Audio Experiments

Boston, MA-based John Snyder gave away a Hypersleep pedal (raffle now closed), donating proceeds to bail funds for protesters arrested during the protests. The giveaway raised $4381, an impressive amount!

Midfiel Electronics

Doug Tuttle also held a donate-to-enter raffle (now closed), with the lucky winner getting a pedal from the company’s catalogue (he chose a Pitch Pirate). The charities he supported included the George Floyd Memorial Fund, Campaign Zero and Minnesota Freedom Fund.

7 responses to “Music gear makers support anti-racism charities with giveaways and auctions”

  1. WOK says:

    It’s becoming ridiculous. Where have all these hypocrites been when 2016 a black man was shot by the police under the tenure of Obama?
    Last year, nine unarmed black men where shot by the US police. And 15 (!) white men. Rassism?

    • Peter Bregman says:

      I, for one, was protesting then too, both on social media and in real life. The killing of all unarmed people by the police is unacceptable. Priority #1 right now is to stop police from killing people, and reform their culture and their practices.

      You trying to change the subject doesn’t help. That’s what happened in 2016 (and every year before than and since). So no, this is not ridiculous. It’s the culmination of years of abuses and injustices. We’re all sick of it.

      As for racism*, it’s important to understand the data. Read this:

      Now, let’s all work together to make the world a better pace and stop trying to change the subject and/or act defensively. We can all be part of the solution.

  2. Janne says:

    Lol all of these sheep jumping on the bandwagon. In a week everyone will forget all of this.

    • Robin says:

      A “bandwagon” isn’t an inherently negative thing when the band is playing an awesome tune and the wagon is on the road to justice. And people said that we’d forget all about it last week. It boggles my mind that anyone would want to cast the desire to support “black lives matter” in a negative light.

  3. Albert Lazar says:

    What the fuck is any discussion of political bullshit doing on a music gear site? This is bullshit.

    • Willytypetype says:

      Who ever heard of music that was concerned with politics?? It’s supposed to be about how cool you are!!!

  4. Joshua Smith says:

    You might want to rethink any connection with BLM they are not what you think. People and big companies gave them multiple $MILLIONS this year alone, and nobody can find out where all that money ended up, other than in BLM pockets, serious questions are being asked and BLM NOT ANSWERING AT ALL. Read their web site, dig deep into their real history and deep root connections you likely won’t like what you find. But you should know who they really are and where all that money goes. Just saying you should look.

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