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Chase Bliss Audio Blooper now on Kickstarter

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper now on Kickstarter  ·  Source: Kickstarter/Chase Bliss Audio


It is always interesting to see that there are still fresh ideas for the concept of Looper. This is not the same kind of looper as the simple, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin MXR Clone Looper announced a few days ago. Oh no. This one is a bit more experimental – and might help you revel in some chaos!


NAMM 2018

First talked about back during NAMM 2018 and then seen fleetingly as a prototype at NAMM 2019, this little looper has been eagerly awaited by many musicians producing who like a bit of experimention.

The story Chase Bliss is telling about the Audio Blooper is about dissatisfaction of several sound looper/mangling fans who, despite a large selection on the market, were not happy with the ‘standard’ offering of loop devices. Are they too safe or too sterile? This looper isn’t about how many countless independent loops you get, having a large displays or storing backing tracks on SD cards. This one is about being able to turn the well-rehearsed sounds into create atmospheric soundscapes – or total chaos!

The basis of Blooper is a high-quality looper with many useful features: save, sync , multiple levels of undo / redo , MIDI control , etc. It will do everything you expect from a typical performance looper. But there’s a lot more going on here. The Audio Blooper provides 40 seconds of loop time at 48 kHz / 16 bit resolution. And the hardware was designed with a special focus on low noise. Inside, an XMOS DSP processor does all the work and allows you to mangle your loops with ease .

There are 32 memory slots onboard. As with any good looper, Blooper also has undo / redo facility. More precisely, it can go up to 8 times in each direction. Overdubs can be played indefinitely, with more than 8 tracks beyond the oldest ones are deleted. So far so good.

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper gut shot · Source: Kickstarter/Chase Bliss Audio

Break it!

But the unique selling point of the Blooper is the 6 modifier controls –  Quantize & Free Time, Speed ​​Change, Scrambler, Trimmer, Filter and Dropper. This is where it gets twisted, fun and goes beyond your standard looper effect.


It is quite impressive that in addition to the many functions, there is also a full MIDI implementation (1/4″ TRS) and a connection for expression pedal or CV in the housing. If you are interested, check out the Kickstarter site, there is a lot going on with this little Blooper! Check out the video below to see the kinds of crazy stuff this looper can do.

RRP – USD 499

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Chase Bliss Audio Blooper now on Kickstarter

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