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Chase Bliss Audio Blooper prototype at NAMM 2019

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper prototype at NAMM 2019  ·  Source: YouTube/ accordoTV

Chase Bliss Audio has been busy and now we have the news of their new Blooper ‘looper’ pedal, which they debuted at Winter NAMM after last week’s Instagram tease.

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper

Obviously, everyone is already more than excited about the new Chase Bliss Audio Automatone MKII pedal (a new preamp with motorised robotic faders) was announced last week, but they have another very interesting new effect in the pipeline.

It isn’t quite ready yet, but Chase Bliss Audio is working on their new Blooper pedal. This new looper pedal appears to go just a bit further than your standard looper and is certainly.

Luckily, a few video demos have appeared online over the weekend so we can check it out a little closer.

“It’s early in the process and we’ve already changed the design, but heck. We’re excited and we’re sharing it,”

The new Blooper manipulates your looped audio in ways that you’d never thought possible, it sounds intriguing and there is a sneak preview in the Instagram post below.


Blooper Control

With controls labelled Ramp, Cross, Drift, Stability, Mod A and Mod B, it certainly looks interesting. Plus a switch for EXP/CV (4,5,6)another for MIDI and one in the middle labelled 1,2,3

Then factor in all those DIP switches on the top of the pedal and you kind of get the idea it’ll be a bit of a monster for looping options.

I’m looking forward to something more official soon on what all those controls will all do, but you can hear a little audio of it below being demoed at Winter NAMM.

No price details or release dates yet, so we will have to be patient for now. I’ll update you all when we know more official information and details about the Blooper!

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