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Guitar Gear Gems  ·  Source: Facebook/Meta


This week’s Guitar Gear Gems features the upcoming LTD Kirk Hammett Flying V, Benson Amps two new delays and the new Meta Fenderverse online experience.


Guitar Gear Gems

This week on Guitar Gear Gems the world of guitars is still in a post-NAMM slowdown, which is often the way. Yet many companies are teasing new upcoming products via social media. Many of these brands won’t have actual products available for nearly a year or more, but below are a few you may want to look out for.

LTD Kirk Hammett Flying V

The ESP Guitars 2022 NAMM Recap video just came out a few days ago, post-show and you to see the upcoming LTD Kirk Hammett Flying V. The only real issue is that it comes out in 2023.


ESP USA V-II · Source: Instagram/ESP

All that Glitters

This new model is based on the ESP version that came out back in 2019. It will come in Black Sparkle, Red Sparkle and Metallic Gold finishes. Metallica is on a roll with endorsement deals these days and they have just launched a new Learn Metallica online learning tool with Yousician.

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Benson Amps PT2399 and V3205

Benson Amps has teased two new delay pedals on their Instagram account. The PT2399 and V3205 aren’t due for another 10 months or so according to the post.

The PT2399 is believed to use the PT2399 chip, this is a digital processor known for its ability to emulate classic bucket-brigade delays and is known for its analogue character.  Whereas the V2305 model is a low-noise bucket-brigade chip.

PT2399 and V3205

PT2399 and V3205 · Source: Instagram/Benson Amps


Fender has been working on the Stratoverse, a virtual experience crafted in partnership with Meta for Horizon Worlds. Meta launched today at Cannes Lions.

The Fender Stratoverse Horizon Worlds is a Stratocaster guitar-shaped island surrounded by floating islands, giant Fender guitar amps and planets floating high above in the stratosphere and features a first-of-its-kind co-play audio experience to create original music riffs.

Last month they applied for trademarks to use with NFTs and so it looks like the Californian guitar giant is looking to the future and all the potentially lucrative possibilities it may bring.


Fenderverse · Source: Facebook/Meta

What you need

If you want to join in you will need a Meta Quest 2 headset, and live in the US, Canada or UK, it all runs on the Horizon Worlds VR platform.

It looks a little simplistic, though is billed as a way for players to work together online. They collect golden guitar picks and it generates a song. I’m not a gamer and an online Fender Strat-shaped island is certainly not what I’m interested in. But your kids will love it, as Marty McFly once said.


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