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Guitar Gear Gems

Guitar Gear Gems  ·  Source: Instagram/Dave Mustaine


This week on Guitar Gear Gems we look at the Gibson Mustaine Explorer that has been teased on Dave Mustaine’s Instagram account, along with what could be a signature Kramer for the Megadeth frontman. Plus we take a peek at some new Deep Purple coloured Gibson USA models and the latest Xotic RC Booster 20th Anniversary model pedal.


Gibson Mustaine Explorer

This Gibson Mustaine Explorer is the latest signature model for the Megadeth guitarist and it looks similar to his Flying V model, in that it has 24 frets. As it is just an image on his Instagram account there is not currently much to go on, but he does show off three finishes: natural, gold and black, and they all have his trademark fret inlays as well.

Gibson Dave Mustaine Explorer

Dave Mustaine Explorer · Source: Instagram/Dave Mustaine


There appears to be a Kramer in the background as well, so could this be another of his signature models? It has ‘Kramer USA’ on the headstock, which could mean we will finally see some made-in-the-USA models from the now Gibson-owned brand.

The recent Gibson Dave Mustaine Custom Shop Limited Edition Flying V models are the current design. Therefore, an Explorer will be something completely new for the signature series for Mustaine.

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Gibson Exclusives Deep Purple

Gibson has also just announced their latest Deep Purple models for the Exclusives line.  The range consists of an ES-335, Les Paul Classic and Les Paul Special all in that Deep Purple finish.

Gibson Deep Purple Exclusives

Gibson Deep Purple Exclusives · Source: Gibson


The ES-335 is $3,299, the Les Paul Classic is $2,499 and Les Paul Special is $1,799. Apart from the exclusive purple finish, they are all pretty standard models, much like the previous Drab Olive models before them.

Xotic RC Booster 20th Anniversary

The Xotic RC Booster 20th Anniversary model has been revealed. Celebrating the company’s twentieth year of the pedal design, and re-releasing the RC Booster. The pedal has  20dB of transparent gain, plus it comes with an active two-band EQ, with +/- 15dB of boost/cut.

Xotic RC Booster

Xotic RC Booster · Source: Xotic

Limited Edition

This pedal release is a limited edition of 1000 units worldwide and could be worth checking out of you need a quality boost pedal for your guitar rig. One big plus is that it can also run at 18V for added internal clean headroom. This limited run includes some extras like stickers and plectrums in a fancy box, but it is still the standard pedal circuit with nothing added.

The current Xotic RC Booster V2 Boost/Overdrive model is already a bit of a classic and is a popular choice for many guitarists.

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Xotic RC Booster V2 Boost/Overdrive
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