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Gibson Exclusives Collection

Gibson Exclusives Collection  ·  Source: Gibson


Gibson just announced a new run of guitars called the Exclusives Collection, with models in Olive Drab and Ebony. The range includes Les Pauls, SG Standards, Flying Vs and a P90 loaded ES-335.


Gibson Exclusives Collection

The new Gibson Exclusives Collection includes two Olive Drab Les Paul Special and Les Paul Classic models, plus Ebony Les Paul Standard ’50s, Les Paul Standard ’60s, SG Standard ’61, ES-335 P-90 and 70s Flying V models. As this new ‘Exclusives Collection’ is launching with these two colours, we may well see more in the future.

I like the Olive Drab finish a lot and think it suits both the models. The Ebony may not be quite so interesting at first glance for some, but I am sure many players will appreciate both the ES-335 with P90 pickups and that 70s Flying V model in the Ebony finish.

Gibson Olive Drab Les Paul Special

Les Paul Special in Olive Drab

Gibson Olive Drab Les Paul Classic

Les Paul Classic in Olive Drab

So what’s different?

Specifications all appear to be exactly what you would expect across the board. Mahogany bodies where appropriate, mahogany necks and Indian Rosewood fretboards. So it appears that this whole new range is all about the nitrocellulose colours on offer.

The SG, Les Paul Standard ’60s and Les Paul Classic all have a BurstBucker 61R in the neck and a 61T in the bridge position. The Les Paul Standard ’50s has BurstBucker 1 (neck) and BurstBucker 2 (bridge) pickups with Alnico 2 magnets. And the 70s Flying V comes loaded with a pair of uncovered 70s Tribute humbuckers. Finally, you get P90s with cream covers on the ES-335, and with black covers for the Les Paul Special model.

Gibson Ebony 70s Flying V

70s Flying V Ebony

Gibson Ebony ES-335 P-90

ES-335 P-90 Ebony

Gibson Ebony '61 SG

’61 SG Ebony

Gibson Ebony Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard Ebony

Gibson USA Exclusives

Overall, some nice looking guitars. And if you want a slightly different finish from the normal ones on offer, then they could be ones to watch out for in future. I’m hoping we see more Gibson Exclusives Collection models and colours added throughout 2021 and beyond, as I think it makes sense to offer players these interesting finish options.

RRP – Les Paul Special USD 1599, Les Paul Classic USD 1999, Les Paul Standard 50s and 60s USD 2499, ’61 SG Standard USD 1799, ES335 P-90 USD 2999 and 70s Flying V USD 1999

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Gibson Exclusives Collection

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One response to “Gibson introduces Exclusives Collection in Olive Drab and Ebony finishes”

    JP says:

    For an ostensibly ‘70s’ Flying V, as with the white one, the headstock shape is completely wrong. In recent years, only the 2015 Japan issue Vs and the 2014 Rudolph Schenker model have got the shape of the 1970s Flying V headstock even remotely right.

    And what, no Explorer?

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