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Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP Antique Natural

Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP Antique Natural  ·  Source: YouTube/Gibson

Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP officially out today - with limited stock

Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP officially out today - with limited stock  ·  Source: Gibson


The Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP is officially coming. There are limited amounts available online on the Gibson site today, with more stock expected to arrive in February 2022.


Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP

It has been long time coming, but the Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP has now been officially announced as coming early next year, in Antique Natural and Silver Metallic nitrocellulose lacquer finishes and with black chrome hardware. Gibson has been teasing todays release on its Instagram account for days, so we knew it was due anytime soon.

Now, this evening the official teaser video has also dropped on the Gibson TV channel on YouTube, so you may get lucky and be able to order one online today, direct from the Gibson site or from selected Gibson dealers.

Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP

Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP in Metallic Silver · Source: Gibson

The long wait is (almost) over

We wrote the article all the way back in February which announced the new Dave Mustaine models. This includes his Gibson, Epiphone and Kramer signature guitars. But it has taken nearly all year for one to finally be available for sale. At the time of writing, the guitar hasn’t yet hit the Gibson main site (Update: it has now) , so we will update as soon as there are more details.

Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP in antique natural finish

Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP in antique natural finish · Source: YouTube/Gibson


If you are a Megadeth and Dave Mustaine fan, then chances are you have been holding out for this announcement all year. So today is a good day for you. The guitar has an unusual for Gibson 25.5” scale mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard, a compound radius, and 24 medium jumbo frets. You also get a set of mother of pearl “teeth” inlays, plus an Explorer style headstock fitted with Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners and a Graph Tech nut.


It comes loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncan Thrash Factor pickups, Mustaine’s weapon of choice these days, to its mahogany Flying V-style body, with Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece. The controls consist of individual volume controls, a master tone control and a three-way switch. It  also has an angled Stratocaster-style jack socket on the inside of the upper V horn, I think it will probably sustain for days with this setup. Looks like all you Megadeth fans could be in for a real treat with this one.

The price also includes a Gibson hard case.

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Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP officially out today - with limited stock

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4 responses to “Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP officially out today – with limited stock”

    JP says:

    Much as I love Gibson Flying Vs (and I really do love Gibson Flying Vs, to the mirth of many of my musical contrmporaries), this just reminds me of the dark days of the 1980s when Gibson got rid of the pickguard and moved the controls in an effort to make the Flying V look more ‘contemporary’. And the hockey stick headstock is just… wrong.

    So I’ll pass on this (I know nobody is making me not pass on it!) and ‘hold out’ hopefully for the announcement of the rumoured reissue Medallion V.

      Jef says:

      Yeah, the Medallion has been rumoured all year and so it could happen soon. I get what you mean, but it is the specifications that Mustaine wanted and so I can see it selling well. His previous signature models have all been purchased by loyal fans, so I can see these Gibson branded ones doing pretty much the same. Plus it’s a 25.5″ scale length, so it will have a different feel to the regular Gibson Flying Vs currently on offer.

        Prudence Temple says:

        That Strat 25.5 inch scale length got me interested.
        I tune a full step down on my Stratocasters with 10/46 regular Slinky’s to get my chunky Southern Metal sound.
        I wonder if that scale length will get it done on a Gibson…

        Si Nicol says:

        Oh sure, I understand why it’s like it is and that it will no doubt fly off the shelves into the hands of aged 50-something Megadeth fans trying to recapture the spirit of their youth (I bought Peace Sells when it came out, was at their first London show, blah blah… a LOT younger than I am now!)

        I’m also biased, having never been a fan of signature guitars. I subscribe to the “don’t try to be the next xxx, be the first you” school of thought.

        But, like your dislike of Fender Boxer Strats, I thought 1980s Gibsons were, by and large, horrible and this reminds me too much of those.

        (Somehow seeing Mustaine clutching anything other than a Jackson King V also just doesn’t seem quite right!)

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