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Gris Design OP-S

Gris Design OP-S  ·  Source: Gris Design

Gris Design OP-S

Gris Design OP-S  ·  Source: Gris Design

Gris Design OP-S

Gris Design OP-S  ·  Source: Gris Design


Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 is something of a modern retro design classic – and now it’s inspired a new and genuinely interesting concept by designers Gris Design that combines the style and function of the OP-1 with a fabulous looking phone interface. Check this out.



The design flair of Teenage Engineering can be very inspiring. It’s an exercise in ergonomics, style and function that always impresses. Gris Designs decided to take the OP-1 to a new place with their OP-S concept.

Gris Designs call it the “OP-S concept phone” so it’s more than adding a screen to a synthesizer and is perhaps more like adding an OP-1 inspired interface to a phone. But in either case it appears to slide together into a single beautiful device.

Teenage Engineering did something along these lines with the OP-Z. It famously lacks much in the way of buttons, display or external control and expects you to attach it to a phone to access most of the functionality. So why not brings those two facets together? The OP-S provides all that in a much more integrated fashion.


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It looks fantastic. Do you think that it could be a viable product? It seems far too specific for a phone manufacturer to be interested in. Although Microsoft has a foldable Surface product called the Surface Duo which gives you two phone-sized screens in a book format – that’s not a million miles away from this idea.

This a just a concept, not a product but you never know what’s around the corner.

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6 responses to “Gris Designs OP-S: Teenage Engineering OP-1 leaps into the future”

  1. Navin says:

    This looks amazing. An OP-1 update is long overdue.

  2. OB1 says:

    Price: $3000
    Secondhand price will be: $7000


  3. Synth head says:

    What is the pint of announcing and reporting on “a concept”? Without the intention or even ability to make it, it’s no more than a drawing.

    • Robin says:

      Because it’s interesting, looks great and is a conversation starter. I like interesting things even if you can’t buy them.

      • moro says:

        I’m kinda with Synth head here.

        Concept renders are often a dime a dozen. The OP-1 looks great, that’s why it’s in a museum. This concept looks like someone pulled a wonderful design down into the fray of boring smartphone aesthetics. Without adding anything interesting (unless you count “thin touchscreen” and “awkward to play while holding” as interesting 🙂

      • Synth head says:

        Yeah I kind of get your point, but it’s not just that I can’t buy it – it doesn’t exist, and no-one is suggesting that it will or even can exist. I would find it interesting to hear from an engineer about what it would take to build; not too interested just to see a photoshop of something without the person who photoshopped it discussing whether it’s possible.

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