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TE Splash Modular Bag

TE Splash Modular Bag  ·  Source: Teenage Engineering

TE Splash Pockets

TE Splash Pockets  ·  Source: Teenage Engineering


Hoping to spend the summer jammin’ on the beach, on a paddleboard or in a hot-tub? Then the Splash Modular Bag will keep all your Teenage Engineering gadgets safe and dry in a water-resistant roll-up bag.


Splash Modular Bag

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane it comes with 4 small, 1 medium and 1 large Splash Pocket and an elastic cable storage system. Small Pockets are ideal for Pocket Operators, the medium one takes an OP-Z and the large fits the OP-1 so your gang of TE music machines is well catered for. You can buy Splash Pockets separately in order to build your perfect modular Splash Bag.

Exactly how they attach to the main bag is unclear. Maybe its velcro or maybe they are just supposed to lie on it and then get rolled up? But there is a hook at the top which suggests you can hang it from the boom of your yacht or the side of your jetski and they would be protected from unruly waves and spray while showing everyone that you have impeccable taste in synths.

The individual pockets are a brilliant idea and as the TE music boxes lend themselves to portable music-making there could be situations where a splash-proof bag would be useful. From your bath to canoe trips, sea voyagers to simply camping in inclement weather these should protect your synths from wetness.

The Splash Pockets are £30, £45 and £55 for the small, medium and large respectively and so suddenly the £190 for the Splash Modular Bag which includes a collection of 6 is looking pretty reasonable in comparison. Although a waterproof pouch for something like your phone is unlikely to cost much more than a fiver from Amazon.

They are expensive and perhaps there are cheaper alternatives that would work just as well but Teenage Engineering excels at innovating within their own design aesthetic and providing something that is uniquely them. And that’s something that TE users are looking for.

So, if you really want to hang your TE devices out to dry then the Splash Modular Bag means you don’t have to (not sure that makes sense but it sounds great!).

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