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Teenage Engineering OP-2

Teenage Engineering OP-2  ·  Source: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering has a huge product announcement to make on the 30th of September. They say they’ve been working on it for years and it’s great for the outdoors. Is it the OP-2 or a hammock?


The OP-1 released in 2011 is undoubtedly Teenage Engineering’s most popular magical device. They say they’ve been working on this new product for 6 years and so that time scale would be about right if they were thinking about improving the much-loved sampler, synthesizer, sequencer, recorder box thing.

However, the other clue they give is that it’s “great for the outdoors“. That could mean anything. Most of their gadgets so far take batteries and have speakers and so portability and making music outside are something they already do. They have branched out into all sorts of things with speakers, Ikea furniture and other bits and bobs so for all we know it could be a musical mosquito repeller, a Teenage Engineering camping stove or perhaps a hammock.

The Instagram post that announces the 30th of September release doesn’t give you much to go on but there is something in the first image on a low table that’s suspiciously pixelated. It could be the size of a speaker or a cafetiere of coffee. Some wag in the comments suggests that it’s a bong and that’s why it’s pixelated.

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are you ready for some hocus pocus? we are very proud and utterly excited to announce that we are about to release a new magic apparatus. it will hit our online store the 30th of september and we are already piling up stock. so count on us that we are ready for "next day" worldwide delivery on the day of launch. to celebrate this moment we will drop a little piece of information every friday. starting today. as we all missed each other during the long worldwide break, we took our special built teenage engineering field bus campers to inland sweden for a special launch retreat. cooking delicious food together and planning the launch in the wilderness. our new (still secret) product started development almost six years ago. over the years we have perfected every little part of it. one thing we can reveal is that it is great for the outdoors. the new magic apparatus will hit our online store 30th of september. don't sleep on it! #teenageengineering #newproduct

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At this point anything is possible. TE says that they will give another clue every Friday. More importantly, they say that they are already in production and stock is coming in which is unusual for a TE release and very welcome. It also means that the possibility of leaks is quite high, so watch this space.

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4 responses to “Is Teenage Engineering about to release the OP-2?”

  1. Clive Warren says:

    I honestly think you’re on to something with the hammock suggestion, the “don’t sleep on it” gives it away.

  2. LEEder says:

    If it’s a OP-2 i hope it will be a better sounding a more serious sound design tool than the OP-1.
    The OP-1 hardware was great but i returned it because it was not professional enough for my tast, for instance the synths only had a few parameters and there was no good sequencer.

    There is this OP-Z so think there is little chance they release another one.

  3. Handsome Randy says:

    Not buying the “not professional enough” argument. If you shelled out almost a $1000.00 for it, you knew what you were getting. Red means recording on youtube figured out how to use it, you didnt. “Great for the outdoors” could mean great for the environment? Or some form of field recorder to go with the field bus minivan.

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