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Gibson/Thalia Smartphone cases

Gibson/Thalia Smartphone cases  ·  Source: Thalia


Gibson and guitar accessories manufacturer Thalia have just launched a set of wooden smartphone cases incorporating three different tone woods: AAA Curly Hawaii Koa, Indian Rosewood and Santos Rosewood. Fancy one of these cases for your phone? Be prepared to dig into your wallet, as they’re not cheap…


Each of the three wood versions is available with four different motifs: One has just the Gibson logo, then three others add the Hummingbird emblem, diamond logo or you can have one that has Les Paul’s signature. The list of phones is long and includes iPhones from 5 to 11, the Samsung Galaxy S7, Pixel 2, G6 and P20.

As cool as a wooden inlay with Gibson lettering is, they’re certainly not cheap. Depending on the type of wood, a Gibson smartphone case costs between 55 and 65 USD. As far as I can see, there are so far only in the US. However like most things I can imagine they will turn up everywhere, thanks to the power of international internet purchasing.


Gibson Accessories

I’m not sure what I think about these kinds of accessories. As long as they don’t get too distracted from guitar development with this kind of stuff, I can’t see a problem. After all, the production and distribution of these cases is handled by the accessory manufacturer Thalia.

There appears to be a matching set of guitar capos available as well, but neither the capos nor the cases are for me. Maybe they should make a Play Authentic one? That would get the real Gibson fans all excited!

RRP – USD 55 to 65 each

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Gibson/Thalia Smartphone cases

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3 responses to “Gibson Smartphone Case: AAA Koa top for your phone, anyone?”

    Holly Matchet says:

    I think I remember Gibson trying to do the whole “lifestyle brand” thing, is what sort of got them into trouble a few years back. They had to dump some companies they bought because people weren’t buying crap like this. Is this take 2? Is this their fallback since it doesn’t look like they are going to able to own X’s or V’s? I had a little hope with this new crew but with everything that went on this summer, I am pretty disgusted with them already.

    Despite the whole “Play Authentic” initiative they seem to be anything but genuine players.

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