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ALM Case

ALM Case  ·  Source: ALM

BusyCircuits has released the enclosure from their System Coupe as an all aluminium DIY 84HP Eurorack case.

ALM Eurorack Case

It’s a good size for a starter case or something to take to the pub with you (remember going to the pub? Crazy days!). It’s a single row, 84HP wide and made from aluminium. It has fixed rails and is identical to the case from the System Coupe except it has aluminium ends rather than wooden ones.

Inside is a fixed power supply – no flying bus cables here – and can support up to 16 modules with 1Amp of total power. The maximum depth for modules is 42mm.

You don’t need to do any soldering, it can all be put together with a screwdriver.

It looks good, simple and straight forward which is something that seems to be thin on the ground with Eurorack cases. Comes with a universal power supply and is ready to build for £162.49 ex VAT.

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