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Gibson Garage London

Gibson Garage London?  ·  Source: Gibson


Gibson Garage London? According to Glassdoor Gibson is hiring for a General Retail Manager position. Therefore, we can presume a new London-based official Gibson store is coming soon.


Gibson Garage London

According to the online job site, the central London venue is looking for a retail general manager. The post by Gibson Brands on job seeking site Glassdoor contains all the job duties and experience required for the role. The Gibson Garage as yet has no confirmed address, so we will have to guess where it could be situated.

Roland has also started to open up their own stores worldwide and so it would make sense for Gibson to follow suit outside of the USA.

Gibson Garage Retail Manager

Gibson Garage Retail Manager · Source: Glassdoor


Potentially, it could be somewhere in the Denmark Street area of London. As it is central, has been recently redeveloped and is the traditional heart of music stores in London and the music scene itself. Many years ago, I worked there myself and it was a place you would meet musicians, artists and producers on a daily basis.


The first Gibson Garage was opened on 9 June last year in Nashville, Tennessee. Again, this area of the city is well known for its involvement with music and has a history of being a hub of many musicians. That flagship store is 8000 square feet and contains Gibson, Mesa/Boogie and KRK studio equipment. Therefore, we can expect something similar for London.


Would you manage a Gibson Garage in London? · Source: Gibson

Would you work there?

Having worked in central London myself for over a decade, I would expect a pretty hefty wage and especially as a retail manager. The cost of living in London is sky high, plus travel is also very expensive and retail management requires a lot of hours. Let’s just hope they give a massive discount to staff members, as I wouldn’t get out of bed for the money being offered currently on the job listing. Especially, as you would be required to run all the in-store events, workshops and clinics.

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Gibson Garage London

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4 responses to “Gibson Garage London? Yes, they are hiring”

    L says:

    Would not live in that country even for all the gold in the world

    Cancelson Mark says:

    Jef, you are right: “The cost of living in London is sky high, plus travel is also very expensive”.
    This rumour confirms that Gibson is more and more becomes an elite brand. Guitar manufactured for chosen one. Not “Dad rock” but guitar’s Rolls-Royce. Traditions for those who care.

    JIMMY MCGEE says:

    They already have a Gibson office near Euston. It technically is a ‘Gibson Garage London’ except its not open to the public. I suspect they will just make that a fully fledged retail outlet. You can see Andertons go there in a video.

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