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Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard  ·  Source: Gibson


The new Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard – which we caught a tantalising glimpse of back at the beginning of the year during the CES Show – has finally been released. And the specs look good, too! The ‘mystery’ guitar wasn’t even shown at the NAMM Show, leaving everyone guessing what it was. Now all is revealed…


Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard

Coming in a hectic week for Gibson that saw the release of new ‘tuxedo’ Custom models and Painted-Over finishes, these guitars are perhaps the most exciting news.

First off, let’s have a look at the overall design. This new double cut looks really good to my eye, and I also like the new colour choices on the official Gibson product page. You can get one in either Bullion Gold, Metallic Alien Green, Candy Apple Red,Ebony, Heritage Cherry Sunburst or Sterling Fade.

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard with Apex headstock

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard with Apex headstock

Apex Headstock?

These instruments feature 24 frets on a 12″ radius rosewood fretboard, an extra-long neck tenon and handy double-cutaway profile for better upper fret access. There’s also something called the Apex headstock carve (looks a bit like a volute). It’s all a bit of a departure from the usual double cut designs and Les Paul single cut designs we associate from the Gibson brand, but I personally think that they look great.

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard in Metallic Alien Green


A mahogany body with a two piece maple cap is more traditional Gibson and they of course have a nitro lacquer finish as well. Hardware again looks more traditional as well, with twin humbucking pickups and ABR-1 bridge and Grover tuning pegs all in a nickel finish.

Those pickups are a pair of 57 Classic Plus in the neck and a 57 Classic bridge pickup and are wired to a 500K CTS volume Pot, 1 500K CTS tone pot with a hand wired harness, and a single Switchcraft toggle switch.

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard

Simple, but effective control layout and a pair of 57 Classic/Classic Plus humbuckers.

Double Cut limited run

I think these look really nice and I hope they can help Gibson get back on track with their guitar designs and I really think they could be very popular, so cannot wait to hear some real soon. They aren’t cheap, but you have to remember they are all hand made in the USA and so if quality control is good, these could be great guitars. For now it is a limited run according to the Gibson official web page, but you never know these could become a permanent fixture in the future.

RRP – USD 3999 inc Black Hard Shell Custom Shop case

Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard official product page


15 responses to “Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard released at last”

  1. Junior says:

    So ugly!

    Looks more like an import, than anything.

  2. Lewis Rich says:

    Too bad Gibson lost they’re quality long ago.. If you can’t find a older one don’t bother

  3. Progress says:

    I do love the looks, but I agree that Gibson’s quality has gone to hell! It really is sad!

    • Jef says:

      I would agree, hopefully though the Custom Shop’s quality will be a lot higher. All my CS Gibsons have been pretty well made if I am honest and so I expect a high level of finish and better tone woods on this lot. Fingers crossed!

    • jmbw says:

      Respectfully, I would argue that Gibson’s quality is at an all time high. They have experimented with different price points and tried some new stuff, like the adjustable nut in 2015… and the low cost lineup in 2016… but the quality of their product is outstanding these days. There are not many people who can properly level, crown, dress, and polish a guitar these days; the ones who can do it for a living. Gibson used to spend more money on setups, but now their prices are a bit lower and the fretwork and action leaves a lot to be desired. If you buy a 2017 Gibson and pay a talented luthier to spend an hour or two on your guitar, it will be more playable than anything that has left the Gibson fatory in the last 40 years. The wood choice, precision of shaping, fit, stability, and finish of the modern Gibson is absolutely world class. The 2016 lineup is an experiment in skimping on setup to drastically lower costs; this was misinterpreted by customers as “low quality control”, but in reality it was the same wood, same craftsmanship, same everything… except they slapped strings on and sent it out in a gig bag for $600 less than previous years. I REALLY like this concept, because for $150, you can get a better setup that Gibson has time to provide.

      • Progress says:

        Similar priced guitars from their US competitors don’t require major setups straight out of the factory! I am sorry, a guitar coming from the factory should not have the issues that the three Les Paul’s i tried purchasing had!

  4. bluesdriver63 says:

    $4000.00….good luck with that!!!!

  5. David P says:

    Looks like a Les Paul that had a head-on collision with Gumby.

  6. jmbw says:

    I like:
    The concept
    Apex headstock looks like a great idea

    I don’t like:
    The cutaway should be deeper, or scooped like a PRS
    The knob configuration is awful. It should have Les Paul style 2T, 2V, + selector on top horn
    The price is ridiculous.

    The PRS McCarty 594 is the same price – it’s literally an homage to Ted McCarty of GIBSON! – and it blows this thing away in every category.

    This new Gibson double cut could be a huge deal, but it’s just lame and overpriced.

    Also… the comments about Gibsons quality being bad are not true. I have not seen any poor workmanship on any Gibsons in recent years. I would say that the setups are not usually very good. I suppose they expect you to spend $100 on a tech to dial in your frets and action. That’s the norm for every manufacturer these days, not exclusively Gibson.

  7. Brian Beuken says:

    $4000…………are you out of your minds?

  8. Cyclops says:

    Maybe at $1899. Probably still goes out of tune like a less Paul. Keep it.

  9. straybeat says:

    I’ve been an LP player for 50 years and like the idea of this. The Apex headstock is cool (I always liked volutes, screw the purists). Been playing 24 frets since my 81 Carvin. But I think I like the Tak Matsumoto better!

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