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Gibson 2017 Les Paul Standard Painted-Over Series

Gibson 2017 Les Paul Standard Painted-Over Series  ·  Source: Gibson


The new Gibson 2017 Les Paul Standard “Painted-Over” Series is the US guitar builder’s latest offering for their popular Les Paul Standard models, but this time they look as though they have all taken a severe beating!



We all know the premise by now, you take a brand new guitar and you make it look like it has been gigged by a guitar sadist and is now the preferred axe of some Mad Max road warrior of a guitarist. Gibson have now finally succumbed to this look and the new ‘Painted-Over’ series looks to me very much like the Fender Custom Shop’s idea of how a beaten up, re-finished guitar should look.

A historic mash-up of colours?

My real issue here is it is all very stylised and contrived. I fear that it will look dated very soon, and it looks quite artificial. At a distance I am sure it will look okay, so if you are on stage you’ll look cool (no, really you will, honest). But when you’re up close it looks a bit daft.

These guitars fair better in some colour combinations than others and so certain combinations of colour might sell a lot faster than others. They aren’t exactly cheap and I can’t see these being a big seller. But if you like ‘relic’ finishes, you will probably be drawn to this look.


The specifications are those of a good quality Les Paul. The pickups are a pair of Alnico III Custom Buckers while the body is fairly standard (mahogany), with a maple cap, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. So nothing unusual here.

The available finishes encompass Black over Gold, Black over Cherry Sunburst, Classic White over Cherry Sunburst, Gold over Cherry Sunburst and Kerry Green over Darkburst. The styling, though, is a bit silly for my taste. I’ll pass on owning one of these, I think.

RRP –  Starting at USD 5299 inc hard case

Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘Painted-Over’ Series product page

Gibson 2017 Les Paul Standard Painted-Over Series

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8 responses to “Gibson 2017 Les Paul Standard “Painted-Over” Series: Taking a beating?”

    JimmyD says:

    nope. looks rotten

      Jef says:

      Not sure they make sense at all. At least with Fender they actually did repaint guitars at the factory, as Leo loved saving money! So you do very occasionally see old vintage Strats and Teles with sunbursts popping out from under custom colours. Whereas to my knowledge Gibson never did this.

    El Fake O says:

    The GIBSON “EL FAKE-0” SERIES. Fake everyone out. Let me think play guitar 100 hours a day. Just like the FENDER “I FAKE IT ROADWORN GUITARS”…

    Eddie Lucero says:

    I think everyone is hating and trippin unjustifiably. I’ve spoken directly with Gibson and they have let me know that this is basically a True Historic R9/R0. Wether or not you dig the “Aged/relic’d” thing, one has to understand that this is a killer guitar. It is being built with the long hide glue tenon, hide glue top, True Historic plastics, and hand wired bumble bee harness and electronics. I think a lot of people are just assuming or mistakingly concluding that this is just a “run of the mill” or “standard” $2500 production Les Paul with a funky paint job. Although I can see where the misunderstanding would come from, that is simply not the case. I’m not here to necessarily defend the product, but more so clarify what exactly it is you are getting for $6000+. This is a true custom
    Shop Les Paul in every way..

      F Munky says:

      It looks awful, either way.

      jwqU1 says:

      Hi Eddie,

      this is Tom from Germany. Your comment just answered all the sceptical questions i had concerning this special run guitar. I’m going to order one from a local dealer for a fair price way under 6.000 Euros now.
      The alternative one, CC 17 “Louis” isn’t available anywhere.

      Thanks a lot


    Kenneth Holt says:

    If anyone would like to part with their Kerry Green over Dark Burst or knows someone who is looking to sell, please let me know 😀


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