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Adam Jones Flying V # 3

Adam Jones Flying V # 3  ·  Source: Instagram/Adam Jones


Tool’s Adam Jones has shared his Gibson Adam Jones Flying V Prototype via his personal Instagram account. Could this mean we may finally see a production version of this oddball reverse Silverburst V sometime in the future? Or will he keep this design for himself?


Gibson Adam Jones Flying V Prototype

This Gibson Adam Jones Flying-V Prototype is marked #3 on the reverse of the headstock and we have seen Jones wielding the guitar live. Now, finally, we can see the guitar up close and in a lot more detail.

Adam Jones

Prototype #3

Custom Shop x Murphy Lab

So there are currently only three prototypes in existence. This latest prototype is supposedly the heaviest Flying V Gibson has ever built.


“The most BAMF @gibsonguitar Flying V -EVER! ” (A direct quote from @samuelljackson ~jk)
This is NOW one of my TOP favorite guitars of ALL TIME  🙌🏽
*A Stellar Custom Vintage Aged REVERSE Silverburst @gibsonguitar Flying V with a beautiful Murphy Lab finish
My dream guitar made true by my good friend @gueikian
A very rewarding collaboration with @matkoehler and the @gibsoncustom
I always loved the 1958 Futura headstock & ask if Gibson team would be willing to pull it out of retirement
I believe it’s one of the heaviest Flying V‘s Gibson has ever made to date  👀
The overall tone – lows/mids/highs are amazing and the heavy body weight also helps me control feedback and sustain just like my vintage LPCs
I played this epic instrument on stage during the last 2022 @toolmusic tour and it’s sound & performs killer!
*Only 3 prototypes in existence.
I own #1 & #3 and @gueikian owns #2
I’m obsessed!! Can’t put it down – Adam Jones Instagram

Murphy Lab

The Prototype V #3 comes from the Gibson Custom Shop and has a Murphy Lab Aging, which is particularly visible in the bright paint spots in the video. Under the neck transition and at the wing ends. It is also interesting that Jones has chosen the oddball 1958 Futura headstock shape.

Adam Jones Flying V

Murphy Aged


We are definitely happy that Adam Jones has apparently found his “BAMF” (Bad Ass Mother Fucker) guitar. Ideally, we will see a production model of this crazy oddball Flying V at some point in the near future. I really like the weirdness of this particular model and so would like to see more signature models with such unique specifications.

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Image Sources:
  • Prototype #3: Instagram/Adam Jones
  • Murphy Aged : Instagram/Adam Jones
Adam Jones Flying V # 3

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5 responses to “Gibson Adam Jones Flying V Prototype #3”

    JP says:

    And there was me thinking that Gibson made the Flying V as bad as it could possibly be in the 1980s?


    Jason says:

    the ’58 is the best version of the V bar none, not a fan of this. and check out where they put the pickup selector 🤣

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