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FoxGear pedals Multitune polyphonic tuner pedal

FoxGear pedals Multitune polyphonic tuner pedal  ·  Source: FoxGear

FoxGear has unveiled its new Multitune, a polyphonic tuner that works with opening tunings and can actually show sharps and flats! Could this be a strong new competitor for TC’s Polytune?

FoxGear pedals Multitune polyphonic tuner

Tuner pedals are two-a-penny – so why even bother making a new one? FoxGear has included functions that may convince some to ditch their current model: the Multitune tuner displays sharps and flats and also works in open tunings. In theory, that could make tuning a lot easier for players that like to de-tune or play in open tunings.

The Multitude stays ‘Alway On’ when a signal is present. In Polyphonic mode and you can switch the button to mute the signal and shift to chromatic mode for fine tuning. The audio path is 100% analogue and your signal is not affected by the pedal’s circuitry, FoxGear says, so you can check your tuning without messing with your tone. There is also a built-in digital compressor to improve the tuner’s performance.

TC Electronic was one of the first companies to introduce a polyphonic tuner with the PolyTune. And then there’s the Roadie 2 which has some pretty accurate and programmable tuning functions as well – plus it will actually tune the guitar for you with its built in motor winder! So what sets this box apart? The Multitune uses a digital signal processor from AnalogDevices, which is probably the secret to being able interpret open tunings in polyphonic mode. Now, it may not be the cheapest tuner out there, but then again it isn’t the most expensive either. Being able to see sharps and flats is definitely a benefit for some of us, though, so this one is worth a closer look.

FoxGear pedals Multitune polyphonic tuner

FoxGear pedals Multitune polyphonic tuner


The proof will be in how accurate actually is and how fast it locks onto a note for the reading. I think the display itself though looks bright enough and is easy to read, so it could be the perfect tuner if this little box holds its makers’ promises.

RRP – USD 89

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