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Peterson StroboStomp HD

Peterson StroboStomp HD  ·  Source: Peterson

Peterson has unveiled what it states to be  “the ultimate pedal tuner” and the StroboStomp HD could be just that. This is a company that knows how to build great tuners, so if anyone can, it would be them.


Peterson StroboStomp HD

Tuners are a necessary piece of equipment for guitar players because nobody enjoys an out of tune instrument and sometimes ‘tuning by ear’ just isn’t practical. I don’t want to hear players tuning up guitars at gigs, for example, I’d rather you mute your amplified guitar and sort it out, without me having to hear it.

This new StroboStomp HD model has over 100 ‘sweetened’ tunings, USB connectivity and 0.1-cent tuning accuracy. Plus, if you are a gigging guitarist you can choose between either buffered or true-bypass settings. So, it won’t mess with your tone.


Peterson says its new tuner has a high-definition LCD screen and a variable-colour LED backlight that’s viewable in both direct sunlight and under stage lighting conditions. That could make the StroboStomp HD perfect for gigging musicians. I like that you can colour code certain tunings, so you can see easily which one you are using. The unit will even auto-order presets to your most commonly used settings as well.

These things all sound simple, but you know they will make gigging easier. You’ll have to wait until March to get your hands on one, so keep an eye out for it, though shouldn’t be hard to spot with all those colours!

RRP – GBP 119 

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