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Focal Alpha Evo

Focal Alpha Evo series  ·  Source: Focal

Focal Alpha 80 Evo

Alpha 80 Evo  ·  Source: Focal

Focal Alpha Twin Evo

Alpha Twin Evo  ·  Source: Focal

Focal Sub One

Sub One  ·  Source: Focal


Focal has announced a major expansion of its Alpha Evo range of studio monitors. The Alpha 80 Evo is an updated version of the 8-inch Alpha 80, while the new Alpha Twin Evo brings a dual 6.5-inch design to the Alpha Evo series. And with the new Sub One, Focal now also offers a matching subwoofer.


Focal Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo

About a year after the introduction of the Alpha 50 Evo and Alpha 65 Evo, the largest monitor speaker of the Alpha series also gets the Evo upgrade.

The new Alpha 80 Evo features a newly developed 8-inch slatefiber woofer made from recycled carbon fiber. The high frequencies are handled by a 1-inch inverted aluminum dome tweeter. The Alpha 80 Evo is a bi-amped system with 80 watts of power for the low and mid frequencies and 35 watts for the highs, resulting in a maximum SPL of 106 dB. The frequency range is 38 Hz to 22 kHz.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo

Alpha 80 Evo

For the first time in the Alpha series, the new Alpha Twin Evo is a dual-woofer design with two 6.5-inch slatefiber cones. The monitor features the same 1-inch inverted dome tweeter as the 8-inch model. The amplifiers provide 2 x 50 watts for the low and mid frequencies and 30 watts for the treble range. The Alpha Twin Evo reaches 108 dB SPL and offers the same frequency range of 38 Hz to 22 kHz.

Focal Alpha Twin Evo

Alpha Twin Evo

Focal says that the new speakers provide an excellent dynamic response and a wide dispersion, which ensures a consistent sound throughout the room. The manufacturer also claims a consistent tonal balance remains, regardless of the volume.

Like the Alpha 50 Evo and Alpha 65 Evo introduced last year, the new speakers feature an additional 1/4” TRS input (in addition to the XLR and RCA inputs). Improved connectivity is always good, and this gives you even more options for connecting the speakers to your interface or mixer.

Focal Sub One

Sub One

Focal Sub One

The Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo are complemented by the new Focal Sub One. The subwoofer offers two 8-inch double-skinned slatefiber cone long-excursion woofers and a power rating of 200 watts RMS. It extends down to 32 Hz and reaches a maximum SPL of 114 dB.


According to Focal, the Sub One subwoofer provides a high level of detail and precise bass control. It offers two large front vents for a stable tonal balance and versatile integration into your room, under a desk or along a wall. Focal says that it’s a perfect match for the Alpha Evo series, but can also be used with the Shape series monitors.

The panel offers a wide range of adjustment options, including an adjustable low-pass crossover, volume, phase adjustment and a polarity switch. In addition to left and right XLR inputs and outputs, there’s LFE I/O and a foot switch jack for bypass.

Prices and availability

The new Focal Alpha 80 Evo, Alpha Twin Evo and Sub One will be available in February 2022 for the following prices:

  • Alpha 80 Evo: EUR 534
  • Alpha Twin Evo: EUR 665
  • Sub One: EUR 1022

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Focal Alpha Evo

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