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Fender Noir Special Edition Telecaster, HSS Stratocaster and Precision Bass

All three 2017 Fender Noir Special Edition models have rosewood fretboards  ·  Source: Thomann/Fender


Fender have added the Noir Series to their current line-up, consisting of a triumvirate of satin black models: a Stratocaster, Telecaster and a Precision Bass, all made in Mexico.


Satin Black

The three models are all finished in a ‘Special Edition’ satin black. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff here, but if you want a plain black instrument and don’t want it shiny, then you are in luck!

Same old, same old?

They are all polyurethane satin black finishes with matching headstocks, so it really is a range of ‘none more black’ guitars. To me, it all smacks a little of a marketing ploy as there doesn’t appear to be anything truly unique about any of them.

Oh wait, you get a black pickguard with a red edge. My bad, that is really worth the Special Edition status… Oh dear.



Modern C maple necks, rosewood fretboard and alder bodies are available all round. But again, we’ve seen it all before. I have to say it’s the most boring release I have seen from Fender in a while. It smacks of a desperate ploy to shift some mid-priced guitars based on the lack of choice, with all three being offered in satin black with chrome hardware. Yawn…

Well, at least they are relatively cheap for a Mexican made guitar. Because they are black, they will go with any outfit. Or if you play in a Goth Emo power pop trio then you’ll probably be over the moon with all three of these. To me, they just look like a tired 1980s guitar design, as I’m pretty sure black with a hint of red was the en vogue back then.

The Fender Noir limited run are all due out in May.

Fender Noir Special Edition Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass – RRP £539 

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Fender Noir Special Edition Telecaster, HSS Stratocaster and Precision Bass

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2 responses to “Fender Noir Special Edition – Back in black for three old favourites”

    Steve says:

    Your review is biased and smacks of arrogance. I have a number of high end guitars including some custom shop Strats. I saw this at GC and thought the first thing when ‘looking’ at it. I played it and liked it. The local Luthier who is a VERY good player sat down with myself and another player. We played it against a number of Strats ranging from 1-2K and it beat or went toe to toe with them all. The neck is comfortable and easy to play. GREAT tones from the HSS combination. Warmer (due to hotter pickups I think) Considering the price? Its a steal! Do yourself a favor before give an opinion. Actually PLAY the guitar before making generic overview statements. GREAT guitar for classic rock or blues. You don’t like the look? You don’t like something retro? Has NOTHING to do with the guitars worth.

      Jef says:

      This piece is not a review of the guitars, it is a news item and it is just my opinion and I think they suck.

      You can’t please everyone and I personally think the colour scheme/design looks terrible on these guitars. Sorry fella!

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