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PRS S2 Vela Limited Edition

PRS S2 Vela Limited Edition  ·  Source: PRS

PRS S2 Vela Limited Edition

PRS S2 Vela Limited Edition in satin black.  ·  Source:

PRS has just announced new S2 Vela Satin Limited Edition models in Charcoal Black, Satin Cherry and McCarty Tobacco Sunburst. The instruments are based on their very successful US-made S2 Vela range which launched a couple of years ago.

S2 Vela Satin Limited Edition

This Limited Edition run is the same specification as the original models. The reason it’s being called ‘limited edition’ is that you have to order one between January 3rd and February 28th 2017. This means that if you fancy one you will need to go to your local PRS dealer and get your order in sharpish. This is a bit annoying, as this the black finish looks really nice, for my taste. I also quite like the ‘matte’ finish as well.

If I wanted one of these and missed out, I think I’d be quote annoyed. I mention this because I already own one of the original guitars. My one is the white model without birds, as I’m not into bling. It’s a lovely guitar, and I can vouch for the build quality and tone of the instrument. I hope these new guitars will be as nice as my one!


For those of you that aren’t sure what makes an S2 PRS, they are all made in the USA by PRS but have less garish visuals and fewer options. They also use PRS-designed, Korean-made pickups to keep the costs down as well. They also ship in a gig bag rather than a PRS hard case.

The PRS gigbag is actually really nice and I prefer it to a hard case anyway, as it is far easier to transport my Vela to gigs with it on my back, as my hands are usually full of other things already (typically beer, pedal boards, more beer and so on).

I find this new ‘limited run’ very appealing, but I can’t justify owning two of them.

For more details, head over to the PRS site.

PRS S2 Vela Limited Edition

PRS S2 Vela Limited Edition



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