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Fender Japan Indigo Dye Stratocaster and Telecaster limited run  ·  Source: Fender

Fender Japan has released two new electric guitar models, the Made in Japan Limited Collection Indigo Dye Stratocaster and Telecaster. These fantastic finishes have been inspired by the traditional Japanese art of ‘indigo dyeing’. But don’t hold your breath if you’re looking to get one. Only 15 of each will be made, and then too, only for the Japanese market.

Indigo Dye Stratocaster and Telecaster

Some of the guitars that come out of Fender Japan could be considered downright weird and whacky, but I think these new models that have just been announced look absolutely stunning. The deep blue finish is achieved by dipping the guitar bodies into jars of indigo dye a dozen times, a process that takes a long period of time. However, the result is these beautiful deep shades of blue over the guitars’ quilt-maple tops and alder bodies.

Fender Japan Indigo Dye Stratocaster and Telecaster

Fender Japan Indigo Dye Stratocaster and Telecaster

Gold Hardware

Both models come with gold hardware and pickups, an anodised aluminium pickguard, and roasted maple necks with a nice rosewood fretboard.

These beautiful guitars have been made, like most Fender Japan creations, for the Japanese market. But you never know, a few may sneak out into the wild. Although, it is highly doubtful, since there are only 15 of each model available, and I am sure collectors there will love them. The models are priced at ¥400,000 each, or around USD3800.

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