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FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plug-in Screenshot

It's here: FabFilter's new Pro-R Reverb Plug-in  ·  Source:

FabFilter Pro-R

FabFilter Pro-R  ·  Source:


We’ve been watching the teaser campaign around the release of this new Pro-R reverb plug-in closely. It’s not everyday that FabFilter release a new plug-in and their existing product line is very highly regarded. Today, the teaser campaign comes to a close with the official release of the new plug-in. Here’s a little more info and demo video from what looks like another great release from FabFilter.


FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plug-in

Choosing the right reverb for your mix can be one of the hardest decisions when mixing. Reverbs tend to be very personal and can transform a mix, or equally destroy one. Personally, like many, I normally prefer using convolution reverbs when mixing ‘in-the-box’. However, there are many algorithm based reverbs that offer a different pallet of sounds. It feels as if this new plug-in from FabFilter almost crosses that gap. The reverbs generated in the demo video below, sound like real spaces and achieve wrapping a sound in an environment. (I just wish they’d used a better piano!)

As with all FabFilter plug-ins, Pro-R has a very intuitive user interface. With 2 EQ controls that work in a similar fashion to their Pro-Q and a ‘space’ wheel, most of the work by Pro-R is controlled in quite a creative, yet still technical manner. The first blue-coloured EQ control effects the EQ curve just for the tail of the reverb. The second orange-coloured EQ curve acts as a post-EQ across the output of Pro-R. A lot of the character from a reverb can be generated by using EQ, and this looks like a really creative method of working. In the wrong hands, however, this could also lead to very unnatural sounds. The concept of the space wheel has been done before, but this is the first time that you can actually hear different environments, which looks great. I look forward to trying this plug-in soon.

The Pro-R also has the usual parameters you would expect. For example, within the space settings, the decay time can be adjusted further. There are also brightness, character, distance and stereo width controls available. I think there is a good combination of professional level controls mixed with a creative user experience shown in this plug-in. Thank god it wasn’t just another one-knob plug-in! Perhaps Pro-R will be successful by bringing another colour of reverbs to modern mixing, in a very modern fashion.

More Information

There’s now an official webpage for Pro-R on FabFilter’s website. Here you can find more information and download a 30 day free trial from today. To purchase Pro-R it will set you back 149 GBP, which is exactly what I would expect from the likes of FabFilter. Unfortunately there isn’t an introductory offer, but Pro-R is already incorporated into some of their plug-in bundles. I assume if you already own a bundle or any other FabFilter plug-ins, you will be given a unique offer to add Pro-R.


Here’s FabFilter’s official introductory video for Pro-R on their YouTube channel. The video gives a really good insight into the plug-in with a good range of listening demonstrations. I’m not convinced however, by the tuning or quality of the acoustic grand piano at the start of this video. Personally I don’t think this is acceptable from the likes of FabFilter. I certainly wouldn’t have recommended that piano. Tut tut.



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FabFilter Pro-R

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