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FabFilter Plugin Teaser Video - Screenshot

FabFilter Plugin Teaser Video - Screenshot  ·  Source: YouTube Screenshot


FabFilter have just released a teaser video for a new plug-in coming later this month. It’s the usual bravado where three world-class producers/engineers have been given a sneak peak in return for their reaction on camera. There aren’t many clues, but get your bets in. What do you think the new FabFilter Plugin will be?


FabFilter Plugin Teaser Video

They aren’t giving much away but we can certainly dream up a few ideas. The obvious thought is a reverb plug-in which FabFilter don’t currently have in their arsenal. While we probably don’t need yet another reverb plug-in, there’s a good chance FabFilter could deliver a decent result. Their other plug-ins are rated amongst the very best available, so there is hope. Reverb can be quite a personal choice and many of the popular products, such as convolution-based reverbs are quite CPU-intensive. Perhaps it’s an efficient reverb engine? If it is a reverb, then I suspect it will offer a unique concept, in a similar way to Zynaptiq’s new Adaptiverb plug-in.

It might be something completely different. Perhaps a synth or modulation tool? After all, FabFilter have some synthesiser plug-ins already. The only clue we can ascertain from the video is with their choice of star producer/engineers. These are: Benno de Goeij who co-produces with Armin van Buuren, Rik Simpson who produces and engineers for Coldplay and the engineer Liam Nolan, who’s credits include Adele, Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne. Frustratingly, this covers a wide range of genres, but I believe it’s likely to be a mixing plug-in rather than a VI or production tool. We will found out soon!

Some people hate it when a manufacturer runs this type of publicity stunt, but it’s great to see some hype building around a new plug-in release and from such a well-respected brand. They’ve done a great job selecting three modern and well-known producers, but from different genres. It doesn’t matter if we all have a good idea what the plug-in is already, it’s just a bit of fun.


Keep an eye on FabFilter’s website. Apparently this new plug-in, whatever it is, is due on the 15th November.


Here’s the teaser video published on the FabFilter YouTube channel:

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FabFilter Plugin Teaser Video - Screenshot

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