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Eventide HotSawz Synth H9

Eventide H9 HotSawz Synth  ·  Source: Eventide

Eventide has just announced its 50th algorithm for its H9 pedal range. The HotSawz Synth is based on a new pitch-tracking, monophonic synth engine.

HotSawz Synth

Eventide’s H9 has been a favourite with guitar players for some time now and its ever-expanding range of effect algorithms is part of its appeal. The 50th algorithm for the H9 has just launched, a new mono synth effect called HotSawz Synth.

The demo below makes it sound kind of retro, kind of funky and even brass-like here and there.  It all sounds very ’70s to my ear and reminds me of some weird Zappa-style synth lead in places.

Eventide HotSawz-Screenshot

Eventide HotSawz. Retro mono synth tones for your guitar?

Blade Runner to Stranger Things?

Of course, Eventide says it covers a plethora of monophonic synth tones. To quote the marketing, from “Blade Runner to Stranger Things”. That would put it firmly in the late 70s and 80s for me.

You cannot really argue with the price at under USD 20. If you already own an H9 Max then it is a free update anyway. It seems well worth the price either way. One for all you old retro synth enthusiasts, perhaps?

The demo video has some very usable sounds. If you are going to load this onto your H9, make sure you back it up first. Follow my link below if you need to know how to update your unit with the new HotSawz Synth.

Available via the Eventide H9 Control app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Android 

RRP – USD 19.95  or available free for existing H9 Max owners

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