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Eventide H9 Pitchfuzz update

Eventide H9 Pitchfuzz update  ·  Source: Eventide

Eventide launched their PitchFuzz H9 pedal algorithm this week and it adds some much needed dirt to the already popular guitar processor. With fuzz, pitch-shifting and new delays onboard this update, now is the time to dig out your H9 Control app.


The new PitchFuzz combines a fuzz with three new pitch shifters and two delays.  This new algorithm also comes with 36 presets, some of which have been created by Eventide artists.

Eventide has attempted to give us a wide range of fuzz styles encompassing stuff from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, so hopefully you can find something you like on there. The actual update is pretty reasonably priced to be fair, as I think you gain quite a lot for your money. But, it is even better if you are an existing H9 Max user because you’ll get it for free!

Instructions on how to update are on the link below and require you to use the H9 Control app. Check out the official demo videos below to get a feel for what this update can do for your H9.

For me personally I can’t say that I was overly impressed with the offical demos and think I would probably use something more fuzz box like and analogue (give me a Big Muff and a ToneBender anyday) to get my guitar dirt tones. But, if you liked them, then the price isn’t exactly going to break the bank, and this update is pretty good value for your money.

RRP USD 19.99 or free for H9 Max users

Eventide H9 update page

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